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X-108 9' Upright - Pair

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X-108 9' Upright - Pair

-box The Rogue 9 Upright Box provides a versatile conditioning tool that can be used in a variety of ways to target a variety of muscle groups. It is constructed with premium components and solid, stable construction to ensure it is enduring and capable of withstanding the demands of both beginner and advanced athletes. This box has durable powder coated steel construction that is both strong and lightweight. It is available in three different heights (12”, 18”, 24”) and can be used for box jumps, step-ups, and other fitness exercises. The top platform is vinyl-coated to ensure a soft landing and reduce impact, while the textured rubber base adds extra stability as you step up and down from the box. Its U-channel design makes it possible to stack multiple boxes for more varied and challenging boxes jumps. The Rogue 9 Upright Box is an excellent choice for athletes looking to build strength and power, improve coordination, and increase agility.


Pros & Cons


- Sturdy steel Construction that can withstand repeated use

• wide footprint can accommodate users of most sizes

• Adjustable height so each user can fit it to their individual needs

• Optional single floor-mounting base provides added stability

• Multiple pull-up bars for different grips on each side

• Can be used to perform a variety of exercises


• Heavy weight of 287lbs and no mobility options make it difficult to move around

• Installation may require additional accessories/hardware

• Some users may need assistance to adjust the height safely due to the weight of the rack

• Price range may be prohibitive for some users

Who Should Buy

Should buy:

• High Quality Materials: Made from durable 9 gauge steel construction, Rogue's 9 UP Rig is built to last.

• Versatility: With adjustable pull-up bars and hollow bars, you can easily adjust the rig to fit your specific needs.

• Inclusive: Includes extra bar attachments like j-cups and landmine for the ultimate functional training experience.

Should not buy:

• Expensive: The 9 UP Rig is an expensive piece of equipment that may not be worth it for people on a budget.

• Unnecessarily Bulky: While it is a great rig, it is quite hefty and bulky, so it may not be ideal for households that don't have a lot of room for large items.

• Not collapsible: Unlike some other fitness rigs, this one is not collapsible and will need to be disassembled and reassembled if you are looking to move it.


- 44-note keyboard

- Dual-mechanism action

- Ivory feel keyboard

- Piano orientation (rather than synthesizer-style)

- Mid-length key stroke

- 10 selectable voices

- Stereo output

- Intelligent Damper System

- Ethernet MIDI in/out

- Touch-sensitive Soft-Loud function

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