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ABG Thin Magic 1" Stretch Tape

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ABG Thin Magic 1" Stretch Tape

The Thin Magic White Stretch Tape from Rogue Fitness is the perfect solution for adding support to areas of the body that require a bit of extra stability. Its tear-resistant and elastic material is designed to be applied quickly and easily, conforming perfectly to the contours of the body for a snug, secure fit. The tape is ultra-thin to allow easy range of motion while providing excellent compression and support. Its lightweight and breathable design reduces chances of heavy perspiration accumulating beneath the tape, helping the athlete to stay cool and dry during exercise. Its anti-friction coating also reduces irritating skin friction. The tape is washable and reusable, making it a great long term investment for athletes requiring extra support. It is also ideal for athletes suffering from tendonitis, sprains and other common injuries. Plus, the included two inch wide power grip strap keeps the tape in place for a snug, secure fit.


Pros & Cons


• All natural thin Japanese adhesive tape

• Unique finish minimizes frosting and reflective effects

• Water resistant

• Heat and sweat resistant

• Reduces friction and helps to reduce irritation

• Comes in a wide range of colors


• Can be hard to tear or remove in small quantities

• Can become less effective with frequent use

• Adhesive may not be strong enough for vigorous activities

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- People looking for a high quality, dependable tape to assist with injuries and preventative measures

- Those who have tried multiple types of tape and want to switch

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those who are using the tape for athletics and need a more durable option that can withstand constant movement and wear

- Individuals with skin sensitivities who may experience irritation from the adhesive


-Weight: 1 oz

-Length: 5yds

-Core Material: Plastic

-Adhesion: 35 ounces per inch

-Adhesive: Natural rubber

-Elongation: 30 percent

-Tensile Strength: 8 pounds per inch

-Thickness: 1 mil

ProductNumber of LayersAdhesive StrengthDurability
Average Broz ABG Thin Magic 1" Stretch Tape3HighModerate
Loctite Spray Adhesive1HighModerate
Scotch Super 77 Multi-Purpose Adhesive1HighLow
Gorilla Spray Adhesive1HighLow
Scotch Multi-Purpose 810 Adhesive1MediumHigh

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