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The Rogue ABMAT is a curved, foam-covered exercise accessory designed to provide proper back and abdominal support for stability and maximum range of motion during core workouts. It is designed to be used for sit-ups, other exercises and for added back support during various other workouts. Made from a lightweight and durable foam material, the Rogue ABMAT is designed to add support and comfort to your abdominal exercises and increase the effectiveness of your training. The curved shape of the mat fits the natural arches of the spine and can be used to target the rectus abdominis, obliques and transverses abdominis muscles. It also helps to prevent back strain and injuries associated with sit-up exercises. The textured foam surface of the mat gives users more grip, stability and traction while providing more effective and comfortable workouts. The mat comes in one standard size, 22in wide x 14in tall x 3.5in thick, and is easy to transport and store as it folds into four and takes up minimal space. The Rogue ABMAT is durable and suitable for home, small group and professional gym use, and has been tested in grueling CrossFit workouts. It is available in black and is the perfect addition to any gym or home fitness enthusiast’s arsenal of equipment.

  • Abmat - Single

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  • Abmat - 5 Pack

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  • Abmat - 10 Pack

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Pros & Cons


•Durable, tough Construction

• Lightweight and easy to transport

• Contoured design provides support to the stomach

• Helps to build core strength

• Excellent for easing lower back pain


• Buckles and straps can be hard to adjust

• Stretching straps are not included

• The ridges may be uncomfortable for some users

• The foam padding can start to wear down over time

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

-People looking for an abdominal workout

-People who want to improve their core strength

-Fitness fanatics or athletes who want to increase their core stability

Who should not buy:

-People who are not interested in abdominal exercises

-People on a tight budget

-People wanting to save space for other fitness equipment


-Provides cushioning and support for a range of exercises including sit-ups and abdominal crunches

-Unique design uses ab muscles to support lower back

-Extra thick 38cmx31cm foam pad for optimum comfort

-Made of tear-resistant, machine washable vinyl

-Features signature red "badass bugger" branding

-Includes a lifetime warranty

ProductWeight CapacityNon-SlipPrice
AbMat AbMat350 lbsYes$29.95
This is Complicated Abs350 lbsNo$20.99
VIFITEN Ab Mat300 lbsYes$28.99
Muisa AbMat300 lbsYes$55.99
AbCore AbMat250 lbsYes$59.99

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