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AbMat Atlas Stone Return Ramp

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AbMat Atlas Stone Return Ramp

The Rogue ABMAT Atlas Stone Return Ramp is a must-have accessory for any Strongman or Crossfit athlete’s home gym. With the help of this ramp, it’s easy to safely load and unload Atlas Stones on and off the shoulder of the athlete. The Rogue ABMAT Ramp is constructed of a high-grade 11-gauge steel and features two UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight plastic) lined plates. This helps to facilitate a smooth release of the stone, which reduces friction and prevents any damage to the stone itself. The ramp also has an adjustable width to accommodate various stone sizes, making it a great option for any size athlete looking to safely and easily store and retrieve their stone. Its lightweight 4lb. design also makes it easy to transport for any mobile athlete. The Rogue ABMAT Ramp is a great addition to any home gym and is guaranteed to make Atlas Stone lifting and storage easier and safer.


Pros & Cons


• Portable and lightweight design

• High quality Construction for a long lasting product

• Assist with stone lifts with the return ramp aid

• Multi-functional as it can also be used for GHD situps, handstand push-ups, and various other exercises

• Great for core strength and abdominal workouts


• Some assembly required

• Sloped section of the ramp is limited to stone sizes below 15”

• Standard design may not be suitable for everyone’s physiology

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

• Made from durable materials for lasting performance

• Features a strong and secure ramp design

• 35-degree incline to reduce the risk of back injury

• Contoured top allows for a comfortable grip

• Rollers ease stone into the bucket

Reasons Not to Buy:

• Price is expensive relative to other stone return ramps

• Not ideal for heavier stones such as those over 250 lbs.


• Constructed from heavy duty 10-Gauge Steel

• 10" tall x 24" wide x 28" long

• Designed to handle all size Atlas Stones and dumbbells

• Reinforced seam welding helps prevents any warping of the ramp

• Stable base allows for the surface area to be kept level when returning stones

• Rubber covered ends ensure no damage to walls or floors when in use

• Can be used upright as a platform to assist in loading stones on to the pallet

• Perfect for both garage and commercial gyms

• Handles stones from 40 to 190 lb.

MaterialColor Options
SoftpvcBlue or Clear
Steel & Powder-CoatedGray
Steel & RubberGray

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