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AbMat Log Crash Cushions

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AbMat Log Crash Cushions

The AbMat Log Crash Cushions from Rogue Fitness are an essential item for any CrossFit gym, garage gym, HIIT training, and other functional fitness exercises. Designed for high impact drops and workouts, these crash cushions will absorb the shock of dropping a barbell, protecting your back and shoulders, while still remaining lightweight and portable. These cushions are constructed using a durable polyethylene outer shell and a heavy-duty polyurethane foam interior, providing a strong and supportive platform for exercises. The internal foam is both resistant to wear and tear, and is specially designed to remain supportive over time, providing optimal support and comfort no matter how many reps or sets you get through. The AbMat Log Crash Cushions have unique channels cut into both sides, allowing you to easily secure them to any AbMat surface. This allows more versatile training possibilities, as you can now perform shoulder presses, shoulder shrugs and other shoulder exercises, as well as use the Logs for heavy squats, dead-lifts and other lower-body exercises. The Logs are incredibly easy to move around. They come with two built in carry straps, allowing for quick and efficient transportation from one place to another. This makes them ideal for personal and home gyms, as you can move them into place for specific exercises easily. They also come in flat packages for easy storage and to help protect them from damage when not in use. Overall, the AbMat Log Crash Cushions are a must-have item for any serious athlete. They provide support, comfort, and stability no matter how intense your workout is, while still being light and mobile. With their unique design and versatile applicability, they can be used safely and effectively on all kinds of workout surfaces and exercises, helping you take your training to the next level.


Pros & Cons


• Durable and weather resistant Construction for added durability

• Sturdy and comfortable for safer workouts

• Portable and easy to store

• Adjustable levels allow for customizable workouts

• Foldable for convenient storage

• Ideal for use with a variety of machines and exercises


• Can be a bit expensive

• Not suitable for outdoor use

• Requires assembly

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People who want to reduce the risk of injury during heavy lifts

• People who want a portable crash cushion system when traveling

Who Should Not Buy:

• People looking for a mat for stretching exercises

• People who don’t plan to do heavy lifting or power lifting


- Made of compression foam for ultimate support and cushioning

- Elastic tether helps secure AbMat on other equipment

- 28" x 15" surface area

- 6" high x 12" wide with foam thickness of 2

- Superior support and comfort

- Perfect for challenging sit-ups, crunches and ab work

- Durable construction with anti-skid bottom

- Lightweight and portable

Abmat AbMat Log Crash CushionsProduct 1Product 2Product 3
Length156 cm (61 in)168 cm (66 in)187 cm (74 in)
Width50 cm (20 in)53 cm (21 in)50 cm (20 in)
Height8 cm (3 in)10 cm (4 in)7 cm (3 in)
Weight5kg (11 Ibs)6kg (13 Ibs)4kg (9 Ibs)
MaterialHigh density foamSoft foamHeavy Duty Polyester

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