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AbMat Medicine Ball

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AbMat Medicine Ball

The Rogue AbMat Medicine Ball is a unique and versatile core training tool that provides a dynamic full range of motion exercise. Made from an advanced thermoplastic material that conforms to your body and has a nonslip surface to help keep you secure while you exercise. The medicine ball features an integrated handle that makes gripping and controlled movements easy, and a textured surface for added grip and stability. The medicine ball is designed to target the core and challenging stability and balance, while also helping to improve posture and balance when executing different exercises. The AbMat shaped design allows for maximum abdominal muscular engagement during exercises like sit-ups, crunches, Russian twists, and hip lifts. This durable medicine ball will also stimulate additional core muscles as you progress through different movements and exercise combinations. For anyone interested in strengthening and sculpting their core, the Rogue AbMat Medicine Ball is an essential piece of equipment.

  • 10LB AbMat Medicine Ball

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  • 14LB AbMat Medicine Ball

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  • 20LB AbMat Medicine Ball

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Pros & Cons


• Small and easy to store

• Compatible with a variety of exercises

• Made from durable, high quality materials

• Lightweight and portable

• Increases core strength and stability


• Pricier than most other similar products

• Requires adequate space to use

• May be too large or bulky for some users

Who Should Buy


Why Buy:

• Variety of exercises that can be done using the AbMat and medicine ball

• Can be used for any fitness level

• Strengthens core and stabilizes muscles

• Made of high quality construction for durability and reliability

Why Not Buy:

• Expense - the product is quite costly

• Limited space, if you don't have a place to store the product it may not be suitable

• Complexity - some of the exercises may be too complex for beginners


• Ergonomic Design relieves your Hips and Spine from Stress

• Non-slip Fabric prevents your Soles from Slipping

• 100% Non-toxic Materials

• Lightweight and durable construction

• Closure straps ensure stability

• Multiple Sizes Available

• Max weight bearing capacity of 150kg

• Easy to Clean surface

• Multi-directional support

• Perfect for Core Muscle Training and Exercise

AbMat Medicine Ball$417 lbs.High bounce1 year
Prosource Fit Medicine Ball$358 lbs.High bounceNone
Nike Medicine Ball$796 lbsLow bounceNone
King athletic Medicine Ball$477 lbsHigh bounce1 year

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