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Aerobic Capacity - PR Your Mile

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Aerobic Capacity - PR Your Mile

The Rogue Fitness Aerobic Capacity PR Your Mile is a training program designed to help runners set and reach their marathon and half-marathon goals. The program is driven by an app that provides personalized running plans, based on real-time data and trackable progress. This program is ideal for runners looking to take the next step in their training and reach their potential for going the distance. The program takes a holistic approach to training, with the goal to increase aerobic capacity and endurance. It provides a personalized plan tailored for each individual with workouts including easy runs, high-intensity interval training, fartlek work, free-form workouts, and strength training. The app gives detailed instructions as well as sets and reps for each workout. The app also features a GPS-based tracking feature, so you can track your mileage and split times. It also includes a virtual coach who can provide feedback and motivation throughout your training program. For more experienced runners, the app has advanced options to set and track pace goals, track PRs, and measure progress over time. The program runs over four weeks, and is structured so that each week builds upon the previous week. The first week focuses on aerobic base building, and each subsequent week is designed to prepare you for the big race day. At the end of the four weeks, your challenge is to set a PR (personal record) in a mile race. Overall, the Rogue Fitness Aerobic Capacity PR Your Mile program is an effective way to set and reach your marathon and half-marathon goals. The easy-to-use app provides personalized plans and feedback, and the built-in GPS-based tracking feature can help you monitor your progress and reach your goals. Whether you're just starting out or looking to reach a new personal best, this program is a great choice.


Pros & Cons


• Improves aerobic capacity for a range of sports and activities

• Coaches with extensive experience in the Rogue Fitness Program

• Full access to PR yOUR Mile's online library and community

• Effective for athletes of all levels and abilities

• Flexible training program that can be adapted for individual needs

• Virtual and in-person group training sessions

• Slideboard technology for cardiorespiratory and coordination training


• High level of commitment required to maximize results

• Limited accessibility for athletes who are not near a Rogue Fitness facility

• No free trial option

• The cost of all program components must be taken into account

• Technology shouldn't be a substitute for proper guidance and coaching

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Athletes looking to increase their aerobic capacity

• Individual seeking to improve their overall fitness levels

• Runners looking to improve their pace

Should Not Buy:

• Those seeking to gain muscle mass

• People who are not interested in running


• A good aerobic capacity should be to run a mile in no more than 9 minutes

• Maximum accumulated oxygen deficit should not exceed 85 ml/kg/min

• Maximum heart rate should not exceed 180 bpm

• Maximum lactate concentration should not exceed 4mmol/L

• Maximum ventilatory equivalent should not exceed 45 l/min/M

• Proper breathing technique should be used throughout the duration of the run

Rogue Aerobic Capacity - PR Your MileProduct AProduct BProduct C
MonitorFingertip Pulse SensorColor TouchscreenLCD Digital Display
Track Time/Distance/Speed/CaloriesYesYesYes
Memory StorageYesYesNo
Battery Life16 hours8 hours5 hours

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