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Agility Domes

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Agility Domes

The Rogue Fitness Agility Domes are engineered to help athletes of all levels maximize agility training and performance. With 12 different dome heights, users can choose from light, medium, and heavy levels of resistance, allowing for progressions as their strength and agility improves. The domes are designed for quick, safe set-up and clean-up, with an ultra-durable construction for long-term use. The agility domes are suitable for sports, physical therapy, and a range of human movement activities. The domes feature an anti-slip base to ensure user safety, and an ergonomic design that is comfortable and easy to grip. The 72" telescoping pole is height-adjustable so users can customize the dome heights to best fit their needs. The poles are also adjustable, allowing users to change the diameter of the domes for a tighter and looser fit. In addition, the domes are color-coded for ease of use and identification. The Agility Domes include an online instructional program, which includes drills and exercises to improve speed, power, agility, mobility, and functional power. The instructional program is perfect for athletes of all levels, providing individualized feedback and progress markers. The Agility Domes are an excellent addition to any workout, providing strength, stability, and agility for improved performance.


Pros & Cons


• Versatile piece of equipment perfect for improving agility or strength training.

• Can be used for a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups.

• Lightweight and easily adjustable, so it can be used in small spaces or take up less storage room.

• Durable Construction that will hold up against regular wear and tear.

• Includes textured rubber feet, making them slip resistant on multiple surfaces.


• More expensive than buying a single large agility ladder.

• Not as portable as other agility equipment like ladders or cones.

• Not ideal for more advanced movement drills, as the size may be too small.

Who Should Buy


• Great way to develop agility and coordination

• Portable and easy to store

• High quality materials make it durable

Do Not Buy:

• If you don’t have the room to store it

• If you don't need agility and coordination training

• If you don't have the budget for it


• Pack of 8 agility domes

• Constructed from strong and durable rubberized material

• Swell bulb design allows for stability and even weight distribution

• Ideal for agility, plyometrics, weight training, and speeding drills

• Each dome measures 3” in height and 6” in diameter

• Includes 8 agility domes, 2 orange and 2 blue pegs

Powermax Agility Domes36”21 lbsAdjustable up to 24”$118.69
ProsourceFit Balance Platform Kit33”10 lbsAdjustable up to 20”$43.99
LuxFit Balance Board25.98”8.5 lbsAdjustable up to 22”$54.99
Fuel Pureformance Agility Ladder24”6 lbsAdjustable up to 12”$59.99

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