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Agility Dots

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Agility Dots

Rogue Fitness Agility Dots are a set of six adhesive performance dots designed to be used for agility, coordination, and reaction drills. Each dot features a non-slip surface, durable construction, and double-sided adhesive adhesive for a secure hold of any hard surface. Each dot measures 18 inches in diameter, making them large enough for multiple athletes to stand within and adding extra stability during drills. These dots are made from durable, lightweight plastic that is easy to handle and take up minimal space when in storage. They’re equipped with non-slip rings at their base to help minimize slipping, and they feature durable printing that won’t come off or wear out after usage. The double-sided adhesive keeps the dots firmly grounded even during intense movements. The dots are also INDOOR/OUTDOOR-safe, so athletes can train inside or outside without worrying about slipping. The Rogue Fitness Agility Dots set can be used for multiple drills, such as jumping, running, landing, and changing directions. Athletes at any level can benefit from the set, helping to improve coordination, body control, and reactive performance. Trainers and coaches can leverage them to create unique ways to have their athletes advance their skills in a safe and efficient manner.


Pros & Cons


• Can be used for a variety of agility and balance exercises

• Comes with an activity guide and trick/training manual

• Extremely durable

• Easy to transport

• Made from long-lasting non-slip material


• Costly compared to other products with similar functions

• Can only be used indoors

• Small design can be difficult to work with for larger sized individuals

Who Should Buy

For Who Should Buy:

•Builds agility and explosiveness

•Great for athletes looking to improve motor skills

•Lightweight and portable

•Affordable price

For Who Should Not Buy:

•If you are looking for bodybuilding or powerlifting equipment

•If you are looking for something that builds strength and endurance

•Not ideal for those who want traditional cardio and aerobic exercise equipment

•Not suitable for young children or beginner athletes


• 12 Agility Dots – 5", 6", 8", 10" and 12" sizes

• Durable heavy duty vinyl construction

• Improves quickness, balance, and agility

• Non-skid bottoms for any flat surface

• Easy to spot different sizes in contrasting colors

• Multi-purpose piece of equipment for body training and fitness

• Metric and Imperial measurements on each dot to measure quality of motion

SpecificationsPowermax Agility DotsSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Wireless Range150 meters120 meters150 meters175 meters
LED Colors88105

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