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Agility Rings

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Agility Rings

: The Rogue Fitness Agility Rings are perfect for any athlete looking to improve their agility and coordination. These rings provide a range of motion that allows you to practice hops, jumps, and lead leg exercises in all directions. The durable, adjustable nylon straps allow you to set the height of the rings to the exact level that best fits your needs. They are easy to set up and take down, making them perfect for home or gym use. The rings are made of high-density plastic, making them strong and sturdy, while allowing them to remain lightweight. The textured surface offers a comfortable grip, providing a secure feeling when going through agility and coordination drills. These rings are an essential tool for anyone looking to stay fit and active without having to invest in heavier and more expensive equipment.


Pros & Cons


• Portable and lightweight

• Compact design for easy storage

• Adjustable shape and size for multiple exercises

• Competition and training rings available

• Sets up nearly anywhere


• Expensive compared to other similar products

• Does not come with a carrying case for easy transportation

• Lack of installation instructions can make setup difficult

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People who are fitness-conscious and are looking to increase their agility

• People who want additional tools to perform bodyweight training exercises

• People who seek a way to challenge their bodies and improve coordination

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who aren’t looking for a challenging fitness addition

• People who do not have the space to use and store the rings

• People looking for an item to strengthen their grip


- Provides a full body workout

- Ideal for any fitness level from beginner to elite

- Portable - just hang on a single point

- Comes with 5 adjustable handles and 9 foot adjustable straps

- Interchangeable handles to adjust difficulty level

- Ideal for suspension training, push ups, chest flys, dips and more

- Supports up to 350lbs

- Made from strong, durable materials

- Includes fitness guide and storage bag

Powermax Agility RingsGronk FitnessAOK BattleTrigger Point
8.25" Diameter8" Diameter4' Diameter
EVA FoamN/APolyester/Vinyl

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