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AIRWAAV Endurance Mouthpiece - Mayhem Edition (2 Pack)

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AIRWAAV Endurance Mouthpiece - Mayhem Edition (2 Pack)

The Rogue AirWaav Endurance Mouthpiece Mayhem Edition 2 Pack is designed to give you superior performance, function and comfort while training. These mouthpieces are lightweight and ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit on your lips and in your mouth, ensuring that it won’t slip out during an intense workout. Constructed from medical grade silicone and rubber, these mouthpieces are durable and won’t irritate your mouth. The AirWaav Technology encourages proper breathing and air flow, while keeping your performance at its peak during extended use. The filter design helps to filter out dust, pollen, and other environmental pollutants, while still allowing proper oxygen flow, ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels. The 2 pack is available in a variety of colors and features a handy storage container for easy transport and storage.


Pros & Cons


• BPA and Phthalate-free

• Provides 4 hours of hydration continuously

• Metered breathing to increase stamina

• Streamlined molded design for comfortable fit

• Easy to clean and store

• Lightweight


• Not suitable for large mouths

• May not be suitable for those who have orthodontic issues

• Mouthpiece may cause excessive salivation

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Those interested in improved aerobic and anaerobic performance

• People who experience difficulty breathing while exercising

• Individuals who want increased focus and improved endurance

Should Not Buy:

• People who don't enjoy mouthpieces

• People looking for one-size-fits-all workout gadgets

• Those who don't need or want extra endurance during their workouts


• Moldable to fit any mouth

• Increased air flow

• Dual channel design

• Battle tested and proven durable

• Added texture for improved grip

• Reduces jaw fatigue

• Reduces lactic acid build-up

• Directs air to nasal passages

• Easy to clean

• Comes in a set of two

ProductMouthpiece MaterialAir Flow ReductionWeight
Rogue AIRWAAV Endurance Mouthpiece - Mayhem Edition (2 Pack)SiliconeHighLightweight
BODYORIGIN Mouth GuardSiliconeMediumLightweight
ComfyBite Anti-Snoring MouthpieceThermoplastic ElastomerMediumLightweight
Grind Daily Snoring SolutionThermoplastic ElastomerHighLightweight

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