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Airwaav Endurance Mouthpiece (2 Pack)

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Airwaav Endurance Mouthpiece (2 Pack)

The Rogue Airwavv Endurance Mouthpiece is an innovative sports device designed to help users maximize the performance of their breathing. The unique mouthpiece is composed of 100 percent medical grade silicon, delivering a leak-proof seal and a secure fit. This durable and ergonomic design is optimized for athletes competing in endurance sports and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routines. The mouthpiece delivers consistent, adjustable and breathable support, as well as on-the-fly adjustments for full customizability. Utilizing the Airwavv Endurance Mouthpiece helps promote efficient breathing habits and technique, as well as prevent over-breathing and hyperventilation. Its combination of comfortable stability, adjustable air flow and improved airway capability helps users increase the power, capacity and overall performance of their respiratory system. The mouthpiece is designed to integrate into athletes’ existing training regimens, helping them reach their peak physical performance. The Rogue Airwavv Endurance Mouthpiece is ideal for athletes in combat sports such as MMA, judo and boxing, as well as endurance sports such as rowing, running and swimming. The mouthpiece is easy to clean, durable and light-weight, with adjustable clips to firmly attach it to any training garment. The device is available in multiple sizes, allowing users to find the perfect fit for their mouth and face. With the Rogue Airwavv Endurance Mouthpiece, athletes of all fitness levels and disciplines can experience improved breathing performance and technique.


Pros & Cons


• One size fits most

• Ergonomically designed for comfort

• Reduces wind noise and creates a quieter breathing experience

• Improves air flow and reduces drag during exercise

• Lightweight and durable

• Easy to clean

• Affordable


• May feel uncomfortable at first

• Only comes in one size

• May interfere with certain activities

• Not suitable for children or those with smaller mouths

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those who suffer from snoring

• Those who are looking for a device that helps with allergies, colds, and breathing issues

• Athletes who are looking for an easier breathing device during intense physical activity

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who are seeking relief for asthma

• Those who are looking for a medical device that has been evaluated for safety and effectiveness

• Those who have a history of respiratory issues or other pre-existing conditions that may be worsened by the device


• Dual-layer material for maximum softness and durability

• 6 Different sizes available based on the distance between the front and back teeth

• Non-slip design ensures a secure grip

• Customizable for a comfortable fit

• BPA-free and recycle-friendly

• Includes two Airwaav Endurance mouthpieces and a PBA-free carrying case

ProductRaw MaterialAdditional Features
Rogue Airwaav Endurance Mouthpiece (2 Pack)SiliconeUniversal Fit, Soft and Breathable, Reusable
ViveSnore MouthpieceThermoplasticCustom Fit for Each User, Reusable
SleepRight Dental GuardThermoplasticCustom Fit for Each User, Specially Designed for Teeth Grinding
SnorePin Anti Snoring DeviceSiliconeUniversal Fit, Soft and Comfortbale, Reusable
Good Morning Snore SolutionMedical Grade PlasticBPA and Latex Free, Custom Fit, Single-Use

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