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Angles90 Grips

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Angles90 Grips

The Angle90 Grips by Rogue Fitness are a quality pair of grip bars that provide a secure, supportive feel when weight lifting with any Olympic lifting technique. These Olympic-grade grip bars are designed for comfort and are made from durable steel for comeptition-level support. The grips feature an angled design that improve range of motion, making it easier to safely maintain grip and lift heavier weights. The slim handles make them more comfortable to grip and the knurling provides the perfect amount of grip to prevent slipping. The Angles90 Grips can be attached to weight lifting racks, benches and rigs for a secure workout alternative. The grips are easy to install with the included locking rod and are available in a variety of colors and powdercoat finishes. These solid steel grip bars are a great option for athletes and lifters as they provide superior support, allowing users to lift with confidence and reach new personal bests.


Pros & Cons


• Designed to add a realistic look to fitness accessories

• Made of weather-resistant material

• Appropriate for any angle of lift

• Lightweight design reduces stress on wrists and hands when lifting

• Textured surface provides a firm grip


• Cost is relatively high when compared to regular weightlifting gloves

• Not as durable as leather lifting gloves

• May not fit well on all bar grips

Who Should Buy


• Comfortable and ergonomic design for those with weak, injured or arthritic hands

• Positive reviews from customers

• Ability to customize grip angle


• Not good for those with larger hands

• Expensive compared to many other products


-Angles90 Grips feature an ergonomic, bi-directional design for superior control and comfort

-Smaller diameter fits a wider range of hands

-The non-slip surface offers superior grip to help you stay focused on your game

-20° angle provides a more natural wrist and arm position

-Built with robust, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy for durability

-Available in silver and black finishes

ProfileColour DesignCompoundDurometer
BubbleColouredMatte FinishSoft

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