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Barbell Tool Kits

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Barbell Tool Kits

Rogue Fitness's Barbell Tool Kit is an essential tool for any weightlifting enthusiast. The kit includes all the tools necessary for keeping your barbell in top shape, from a hex-socket set to ensure proper spinning of your barbell to a barbell cleaning brush for maintaining a smart, attractive finish. The unique, compact design fits nicely in gym bags and gym lockers, making it easy to take along to your next workout session. The Barbell Tool Kit includes a barbell cleaning brush, a hex-socket set, two screwdrivers, two wrenches, a flexible ratchet adapter, and a carrying case for easy storage. The hex-socket set is perfect for quickly and safely securing bolts to your barbell, while the two screwdrivers make removing and replacing any needed parts a breeze. The two wrenches provide a secure grip and easy access to remove and replace components with ease. Finally, the flexible ratchet adapter offers 180 degrees of adjustable torque to fine-tune any barbell that may have become slightly bent. The Barbell Tool Kit is the perfect companion for any weightlifting enthusiast who likes to keep their equipment in top shape. Constructed of durable metal components and designed to provide comfort and convenience, this tool kit allows you to maintain your barbell with ease. With it, you can enjoy exercising with your barbell worry-free and know that you can take care of it whenever necessary.

  • Barbell Sleeve Tool Kit

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  • Barbell Sleeve Grease Kit

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Pros & Cons


• Can customize the kit to fit your exact needs

• Comes with sleek carrying case

• Includes metric and SAE tools

-High quality steel Construction

• Comes with lifetime warranty


• Expensive price point

• Does not come with a battery operated drill

• Some sockets are too large to fit in tight places

• Tools may break or become worn over time

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Convenient and organized way to store and transport weightlifting supplies

- High quality tools and materials to ensure barbell and weight plates are safe from damage

- Variety of kits to suit any strength training needs or budget

Should Not Buy:

- Not designed for those looking for figure skating or gymnastics equipment

- If you own a full gym setup, most tools contained in the kits may already be included

- Not a good option for someone who's just starting out with weightlifting, as the kits may contain items that are best purchased over time as skills develop


• Barbell set includes two heavy-duty steel bars, four spring collars

• Space-saving design allows you to remove the barbell from its frame to store it out of the way when not being used

• Bars measure 5 feet in length

• Steel bars feature threaded ends and medium-depth knurling for a secure grip

• Spring collars feature a quick-release clip design for easy installation and removal

• Standard 1" sleeve diameter fits standard plates securely

• Built-in collars help to keep plates in place during use

Rogue Barbell Tool Kit$99.99Lifetime21″L x 5.5″W x 3″H
IronMind Red Nornum Tool Kit$79.952 Years3”W x 6.75”L x 9”H
Rogue Gear & Lifting Tool Kit$109.99Lifetime12”L x 13”W x 4.5”H
Rep Fitness Barbell Maintenance Tool$39.996 Months10.8”L x 4.6”W x 2.2”H

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