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Beastie Bar - Original

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Beastie Bar - Original

The Beastie Bar Original is an innovative fitness bar from Rogue Fitness, designed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike power through their toughest workouts. Made with 20 grams of protein, this bar provides essential nutrition and lasting energy throughout your workout routine. With a soft and chewy texture, the Beastie Bar Original is not only delicious, but also incredibly convenient to take along with you on the go. The bar is made with a healthy combination of oats, whey protein, and sunflower seeds, providing an array of macro and micronutrients for optimal weight management and gut health. It is free of soy, gluten, and dairy making it an ideal fitness snack for those with dietary restrictions. The light and crunchy texture of the Beastie Bar Original coupled with its delicious flavor will tantalize your taste buds and satisfy hunger in a way that few other nutrition bars can. Whether you use it as a post-workout snack or a quick on-the-go meal replacement, the Beastie Bar Original from Rogue Fitness is a great way to boost your performance and reach your health and fitness goals.


Pros & Cons


-Heavy duty Construction.

• Features extra long bar length (30") for added rigidity.

• Unique design with exclusive “three-holes” extra grip system.

• Flared ends for stability and safety when racking and unracking barbells.

• Small knurling pattern to ensure a safe and secure grip.

• Versatile barbell suitable for both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting.

• High quality, multi-layer, black zinc coating for increased durability and corrosion-resistance.

• High tensile strength steel provides enhanced stability when lifting heavier weights.

• Made in the USA.

• Comes with a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


• No center knurl for stability when performing back and front squats.

• Does not come with bearing sleeves, so it will rotate slower than some higher-end bars.

• Higher price point than other bars.

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those who need an on-the-go option for protein intake

• Those who prefer snacks with no artificial flavors or preservatives

• Individuals looking for a quick pre- or post-workout snack

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those with dietary restrictions such as nut allergies, as some Beastie Bars contain nuts

• Those who wish to limit their added sugar intake, as Beastie Bars contain about 8g of added sugar per serving

• Those who are seeking a completely vegan snack, as some Beastie Bars contain milk or eggs


• Made with ALL NATURAL ingredients, including dates, cashews, pumpkin seeds and coconut

• Plant-based, vegan and non-GMO

• Packed with 12g of protein, and an excellent source of Iron and Potassium

• Gluten free, with no added sugar or preservatives

• Each bar contains 155 calories

• Perfect for a breakfast snack or energy-boosting snack on-the-go

Rumble Roller Beastie Bar - Original12"3", 5"EVA foam$50
Rumble Roller Foam Roller - Standard12" x 6"4.5"EVA foam$30
LuxFit Foam Roller - Extra Firm13" x 6"3.5"Polypropylene & Eco-Friendly Foam$20
Lovingkindness Foam Roller - Medium13" x 5.5"3.9"EVA Foam$25
Yes4All Foam Roller - High Density13" x 5.5"4"EVA Foam$25

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