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Bench Press Manual

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Bench Press Manual

The Rogue Bench Press Manual is a comprehensive guide to one of the most essential and essential exercises in any strength training program — the bench press. This guide covers the full scope of this lift, including the benefits, setup and execution, the common mistakes to avoid, and proper form and technique. From beginners just starting out to advanced lifters honing their technique, this guide is an invaluable resource for all levels. The guide is organized by sections, focusing on various topics such as grip placement, instructions on setting up a barbell and spotting, variations of the bench press, assisting workouts, and troubleshooting issues. Each section also includes diagrams and photos, allowing readers to quickly learn and understand information presented in the guide. Overall, the Rogue Bench Press Manual provides an in-depth guide to the bench press, including detailed information and instruction for beginners, intermediate, and advanced lifters. It's the perfect guide for anyone looking to build strength and optimize their form. With clear explanations and visual illustrations, readers can quickly learn and understand the exercises and follow the instructions.


Pros & Cons


• Portable

• Made of high-grade steel

• Includes safety spotters

• Adjustable for barbell height

• Easy assembly


• Expensive

• Limited exercise options

• Must have compatible equipment to complete exercises

• No instructional guide

Who Should Buy

**Who Should Buy:**

- Bodybuilders

- Powerlifters

- Weight lifters

- Anyone who wants to improve their bench-press technique

**Who Should Not Buy:**

- Anyone not looking to improve their bench-press technique

- Runners

- Cyclists


-Allows for abdominals to initiate the press

-Offers full range of motion for chest muscles

-Adjustable force allows for progressive strength training

-Lightweight and portable with built-in handle for easy transport

-Easily adds weight in increments of 11 lbs

-Maximum lift weight of 220 lbs

-Safety catch prevents injury

Westside Bench Press ManualProduct AProduct BProduct C
Price (MSRP)$790.00$699.99$890.99$1299.99
Weight135 lbs83 lbs89 lbs110 lbs
Dimensions53"L x 31.5"W51"L x47.6"L x49.6"L x
32"H34.7"W x 17"H33.3"W x 17"H35.5"W x 17.5"H
Number of Uprights3344

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