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Big Ass Fan Cool-Space 400

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Big Ass Fan Cool-Space 400

The Big Ass Fan Cool Space 400 by Rogue Fitness is an industrial-style, fixed-mount fan that provides powerful and efficient cooling for commercial or residential spaces of up to 1,760 square feet. Its perfect for bringing the outside in with a comfortable, cost-saving breeze that whisks in fresh air, stale air, and odors while eliminating temperature stratification. Utilizing nearly two decades of experience in developing powerful air circulating products, Rogue designed the 400 to deliver maximum air volume and efficiency with minimal noise and energy consumption. The fan is constructed with a rugged, all-metal, five-blade design that is designed to provide maximum air movement. The 400 features a 13-foot blade diameter and 30-degree blade pitch adjustment. The blades are precision-balanced to reduce vibration, while a direct-drive motor provides the power needed to move the air efficiently. The energy-efficient, 5-speed motor allows the user to choose between four operating speeds that range from 500 to 2,650 CFM, ensuring optimal cool-air coverage. The built-in airflow angle control creates a natural air pattern, which helps reduce energy costs by producing a comfortable, well-mixed room temperature. This fan also features a 36-inch height adjustment, a six-point oscillation, and a low-profile design that allows for unobtrusive installation. The epoxy-coated finish and rust-resistant construction also make the 400 ideal for any industrial environment. Finally, Rogue designed the fan to allow for simple maintenance and installation, with patented lift-assist trolley system, fully adjustable mounting brackets, and optional accessories, such as the cool mist system and curtains. In summary, the Big Ass Fan Cool Space 400 by Rogue Fitness is perfect for schools, manufacturing facilities, garages, and outdoor areas. Its powerful design and energy-saving motor make it a great choice for any commercial or residential space, while its optional accessories make it ideal for customizing air flow.


Pros & Cons


• Quiet, long-lasting motor

• High air movement of up to 9500 CFM (cubic feet per minute)

• Customizable speed settings to meet individual comfort preferences

• Reduces energy costs by improving the air circulation in high-ceiling areas

• Easy installation and operation

• Rotatable to three different angles (vertical or horizontal)

• Long-term durability and excellent warranty


• Expensive initial cost

✖ Heavy-duty Construction means this fan would not be suitable for smaller rooms or delicate flooring

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

• Superior air movement compared to traditional ceiling fans and other floor fan models

• Creates an enjoyable environment in any space

• Low energy consumption means you’ll save money on energy bills

• Ruggedly constructed to withstand the elements

• Blades can be tilted for custom air directions

Reasons Not to Buy:

• High price point for this type of fan

• Too large for a small space

• No remote control option

• Not enough air movement for larger areas


-Powder-coated rolls of galvanized steel and aluminum

-Adjustable blade pitch: -18 degrees to +17 degrees

-114.2" total, 16' 8" total operational diameter

-910 CFM, suitable for use in garages up to 2,000 sq. ft

-7' 5" drop from ceiling to blades

-120 Volt, 1.1 Amps

-Weight: 41 Lt.

-Available in various colors

-10 year warranty

Big Ass Fans Big Ass Fans Cool-Space 400Alternatives
Power & Coverage7900 CFMs of air movement10000 CFMs of air movement
Speeds/Controls3 speeds for customized air movement3 speeds for customized air movement
Motor2-speed, highly efficient motor5-speed, highly efficient motor
Frame/StylePowder-coated steel frame and bladesCorrosion-resistant aluminum frame and blades
Weight50.8 lbs.68 lbs.
Height Adjustment60” adjustable height80” adjustable height
InstallationFlanges for floor, suspension or wall mountFlanges for floor, ceiling or wall mount
WarrantyAll Big Ass Fans products are backed by lifetime warranty3-year limited warranty