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Big BattleStar™ 2.0

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Big BattleStar™ 2.0

The Rogue Big Battlestar 2.0 is a heavy-duty training station designed to provide weightlifters and athletes with a comprehensive set of features. This multi-functional station features four pull up bar positions, two band pegs, dip handles, and extra wide squat stands to accommodate larger loads. An 8’ crossmember offers plenty of room for multiple users, and the expertly welded 3x3” steel construction provides the necessary rigidity to support heavyweight equipment. To maximize training possibilities, the Big Battlestar 2.0 comes with a pair of 12” long safeties and an integrated monolift bracket. This attachment allows users to perform rack pulls, pin press variations, and squats with a greater range of motion. The frame is also rounded out with industrial powder coatings to protect against environmental damage and wear-and-tear. In addition to its robust frame, this station also comes with storage solutions. The decking accommodates up to twenty-five weight storage horns to keep weight plates organized and minimize clutter. The attachments also provide an assortment of exercise possibilities such as muscle-ups, chin-ups, and a variety of weighted pull-up and dip variations. Overall, the Rogue Big Battlestar 2.0 is an excellent option for athletes and powerlifters looking for a high-quality weight training station. Its heavy-duty construction can accommodate users of all sizes, and its wide range of features and attachments make it a versatile station for anyone looking to take their training to the next level.


Pros & Cons


-High-quality steel Construction with stylish craftsmanship

• Gives you access to multiple Olympic lifting moves and commonplace exercises

• Compact design suitable for all home and garage gym needs and available in sizes from 8ft to 12 ft

• Assembles in minutes, no need for extra tools or complicated instructions


• Price may be a bit steep for some budget-minded buyers

• Shipping is limited to lower 48 states and some overseas locations

• Height may be too low for some of taller users

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking for a high-quality, durable home gym rig

• CrossFit enthusiasts

• Anyone interested in Olympic weightlifting or functional fitness

• People who value longevity in purchase products

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those on a strict budget

• Those unwilling to sacrifice space in their home

• Anyone looking for something less expensive


- Dimensions (LxWxH): 24"x24"x30"

- Weight: Approximately 40lbs

- Durable Deck: 1/2" Plywood with EVA Foam overlay

- Top Layer: 2" thick Non-Slip Hi-Impact Foam

- Height-Adjustment System: Spring-loaded height adjustment

- Max. Load: 2,000lbs

- Space-Saving Design: Folds up for easy storage

FeatureMobilitywod Big BattleStar™ 2.0Product 1Product 2Product 3Product 4
Dimensions29 x 10 inches33 x 10 inches31 x 11 inches29 x 10 inches32 x 12 inches
Weight4.6 pounds7.8 pounds4.7 pounds5.7 pounds4.8 pounds
MaterialHeavy Duty Steel & FoamHeavy Duty Steel & FoamHeavy Duty Steel & FoamHeavy Duty Steel & FoamHeavy Duty Steel & Foam
Maximum Weight Capacity300lbs200lbs400lbs300lbs500lbs
Grip MaterialSoft Touch Foam GripSoft Touch Foam GripSoft Touch Foam GripHard Foam GripLeather Grip
Adjustable AnglesYes ( 0- 84o)NoYes ( 0- 90o)Yes ( 0- 80o)No

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