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Black Rifle Coffee - AK-47 Espresso Roast - Ground

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Black Rifle Coffee - AK-47 Espresso Roast - Ground

Launched in partnership with Black Rifle Coffee Company, Rogue Fitness now offers their AK-47 Espresso Roast Ground Coffee. This single-origin espresso blend is sourced from distinct high-altitude farming regions and specifically roasted to bring out the best flavors in this distinct brew. Ideal for those who love strong and bold flavors, the AK-47 is an incredibly smooth and balanced espresso blend with full-bodied notes of chocolate and nut. The espresso is composed of high-quality beans that are roasted to perfection and are lightly acidic for a full flavor experience. To ensure this espresso has an intense and consistent flavor every time, Black Rifle Coffee has utilized its military-style precision and advanced tracking and processing capabilities. This ensures that each cup of the AK-47 will bring you the same enjoyable experience, no matter the time or location. The AK-47 Espresso Roast Ground Coffee is available in a number of sizes, making it easy to find the perfect amount for your needs. There’s also the option to purchase it in a variety of signature Black Rifle Coffee ornamental tins, providing an aesthetic addition to your home. For those who love the boldness and more robust flavor of an espresso blend, the AK-47 Espresso Roast Ground Coffee from Rogue Fitness and Black Rifle Coffee is the perfect choice.


Pros & Cons


• Made from 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

• Flavor notes of chocolate and caramel to provide a smooth taste

• Non-GMO and certified fair trade

• Sourced from small, independent farmers

• Smooth, bold espresso taste

• No artificial ingredients

• Available in ground or whole-bean form


• Price point may be too expensive for some individuals

• May contain traces of nuts or dairy

• Only available to U.S. customers

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Coffee Lovers who enjoy experimenting with different types of coffee

• Those who want to try a unique, bold roast of coffee

• Fans of Black Rifle Coffee Company

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who don't like the taste of black coffee

• Those who want a mild or light roast

• Anyone who generally doesn't enjoy coffee at all


-Medium Roast

-Ground Coffee

-100% Specialty Arabica Coffee

-Tastes of Dark Chocolate and Caramel

-Rich, Bold Flavor

-Contains Caffeine

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