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Black Rifle Coffee - Beyond Black Coffee Rounds

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Black Rifle Coffee - Beyond Black Coffee Rounds

?_pos=1&_sid=bf5ca5232&_ss=r Beyond Black Coffee Rounds by Black Rifle Coffee is a convenient and delicious way to enjoy some of the world's finest coffee. The medium roast is smooth and well-balanced, making it the perfect fuel for any day or any activity. The coffee rounds are packaged in a resealable, airtight tin that preserves their freshness. Each tin contains 24 rounds of standard-sized, pre-ground coffee that measures 3.2 grams each. Each round is uniform in size and moisture, stored in a protective liner for extra protection against grinding or splitting. The coffee beans are sourced from Colombia and Peru, two of the most respected coffee-producing countries on the planet. The coffee is responsibly farmed, ethically sourced and roasted , and blended from a variety of beans to create the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. Each batch is carefully inspected before it is packaged to ensure that only the very best coffee reaches your cup. Enjoy the smooth, full-bodied flavor of Beyond Black Coffee Rounds and experience coffee like never before.


Pros & Cons


• Ready to drink coffee rounds are pre-ground and instantly soluble

• Provides a much-needed energy boost

• Convenient to take on the go

• US-sourced Arabica beans

• Light body coffee with mild flavor

• Keto-friendly and sugar-free


• Some may find the taste too light

• Smaller serving size than traditional brewed coffee

• More expensive than traditional ground coffee

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- Anyone who loves the taste of coffee

- Anyone who enjoys a richer, darker roast

- Anyone who wants ready-to-use, convenient coffee

- Those who want a fresh cup quickly

- Strict coffee-drinkers looking for fair trade coffee

Who Shouldn’t Buy:

- Those who want a light roast

- Those who are looking for cream or sugar in their coffee

- Those averse to fast, convenient coffee

- Those who don't want to purchase coffee in individual servings


- Bold & Smooth

- 2.5 oz of freshly roasted coffee per round

- 100% Arabica Beans

- Dark Roast Blend

- Pre-measured grounds for convenience

- Natural flavors added to give a rich flavor profile

- Fair Trade and USDA Organic

Black Rifle CoffeeMedium Roast Organic Coffee Rounds$23
Death Wish CoffeeCertified Organic, Fair Trade Coffee Rounds$23
Day Runner CoffeeColombian Single-Origin Coffee Rounds$28
JJ MAX CoffeeArabica Coffee Rounds Medium-Dark Roast$24

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