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Black Rifle Coffee - Beyond Black Roast - Ground

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Black Rifle Coffee - Beyond Black Roast - Ground

-240 Black Rifle Coffee Company's Beyond Black Roast Ground Coffee is the boldest blend from the company yet! This coffe is sure to give your morning a much-needed boost and instantly invigorate your senses. It is made from the highest quality Arabica and Robusta beans, sourced from Colombia and Brazil. The unique roast transforms the beans into a dark and full-bodied brew with a smoky aftertaste. The Beyond Black Roast is a strong, robust flavor that packs a punch yet still retains its smoothness and natural sweetness. With a caffeine content of around 90-100mg per cup, this coffee is sure to keep you energized and alert all day long. The single-origin Arabica and Robusta beans used in this blend help to support the farmers and drying facilities that produce and process them. Not only does this contribute to sustainable practices in the coffee industry, it also ensures that quality and flavor are maintained throughout the entire process. This coffee has no added flavors, no preservatives, and is sure to be a favorite for those who appreciate bold and full-bodied roasts.


Pros & Cons


• Smooth, robust flavor with a dark and earthy aroma

• Crafted to fuel your toughest workdays with a full-bodied, bold flavor

• Made from premium 100% Arabica coffee beans

• Grown sustainably and ethically sourced from family-owned farms

• Certified Fair Trade for a more equitable partnership with farmers

• Roasted in small batches to ensure freshness


• Higher than average price point

• Not suitable for individuals with certain dietary restrictions (e.g. vegan, paleo, keto, etc.)

Who Should Buy

- Who Should Buy:

- People who want high quality, fresh roast coffee

- Coffee drinkers who want the convenience of pre-ground beans

- Individuals who enjoy bold and flavorful coffee

- Who Should Not Buy:

- People who prefer lighter roast coffees

- Individuals who do not need or cannot use a large quantity of coffee quickly


- Crafted with high-grade coffee beans only

- Beyond Black Roast has a strong dark flavor

- Comes in a 16 oz bag of ground coffee

- Gluten-free

- Shelf-stable

- Certified Organic

- Non-GMO Verified

- Fair Trade Certified

Product NameStrengthTypeOriginGround/Whole Bean
Black Rifle Coffee - Beyond Black RoastStrong/DarkArabicaMultiple OriginsGround
Java Planet Organic Dark RoastExtra DarkOrganic ArabicaAfrica-Central & South AmericaGround
Death Wish Organic Fair Trade CoffeeSuper StrongOrganic Arabica and RobustaSouth and Central America, IndiaGround
Lavazza Gran Selezione EspressoStrongArabicaCentral & South America, India, EthiopiaWhole Bean
Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s BlendMedium-DarkArabica & Robusta BlendsAfrica & IndonesiaGround

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