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Black Rifle Coffee - Just Black Blend

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Black Rifle Coffee - Just Black Blend

-whole-bean-5lb/ Black Rifle Coffee's Just Black Whole Bean is an essential for any coffee lover. Crafted from 100% Arabica beans, this extraordinary coffee has a bold and full-bodied flavor. The beans are grown in high-altitude locations from around the world and roasted to perfection for maximum flavor and intensity. Each bag of Just Black Whole Bean is small batch roasted for consistent flavor and is tested for quality and freshness before being packaged. This blend has notes of dark chocolate, molasses, and spicy herbal nuances and finishes with a smooth, creamy finish. It is the perfect addition to any day and provides a rich, complex cup filled with delicious aroma. Whether you're enjoying a plain cup of coffee or adding your favorite creamer, this blend is sure to please. The convenient 5 lb bag is ideal for those who want to always have fresh coffee on-hand. Buy it as a gift for any coffee lover, treat yourself, or stock up and save.


Pros & Cons


• Blend coffee specifically designed for coffee drinkers who enjoy a smoother and richer flavor

• Naturally grown and sourced from the highest quality Arabica beans from around the world

• Free from preservatives and processed flavoring agents

• Available in a variety of flavors, including original, espresso, and French roast

• Fair trade certified beans

• Comes in a resealable and portable canister for easy transportation


• Costlier than regular grocery store coffee

• Slightly limited selection of flavors

• Relatively unknown coffee brand

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

-Coffee lovers looking for a quality, robust brew

-Coffee drinkers looking for a coffee flavor that tastes like a rich, fresh-roasted cup of joe

-People who appreciate the unique flavor of Black Rifle Coffee

-Patriots who want to support Black Rifle Coffee, a company founded by veterans and military advocates.

Who Should Not Buy:

-People who don't like a strong, robust cup of coffee

-People who don't like the unique flavor of Black Rifle Coffee

-People who do not want to support Black Rifle Coffee (or any other coffee company) due to their political stances


• 100% Arabica beans

• Medium-Dark Roasted

• Aged & Fire Roasted

• Fair Trade Certified

• Single-Origin

• No additives, no sugar, nothing artificial

• Smooth, Bold and Rich flavor

• Whole Bean or Ground Coffee available

ProductGrindCaffeine ContentCost per Pound
Black Rifle Coffee - Just Black BlendFineHigh$14.99
Bulletproof Brain Octane OilN/AHigh$28.99
Starbucks Pike RoastMediumMedium$15.99
Dunkin' Donuts Medium BlendMedium-FineMedium$9.99

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