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Boneyard OSO Mighty Collars

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Boneyard OSO Mighty Collars

The Bone Yard Oso Mighty Collars are a sleek and dependable pair of weightlifting collars designed to give athletes and bodybuilders peace of mind as they train. Utilizing a sleeker design than traditional collars, the Oso Mighty Collars feature a unique, one-piece construction that boasts stainless steel screws and teeth, a lightweight aluminum mount and a hard-plated steel locking mechanism, all of which contributes to a more secure and efficient training experience. Constructed with the durable materials needed for heavy-duty use, the collars are built to last and feature a distinctive look that won't break down. The textured surface, coupled with the simplified design, ensures a better grip and ensures the safety of the weights and the spectators, and the ease of adjustment helps make the adjustment of plates simpler, even with gloves or during fast movements. These collars are ideal for professional and recreational home gyms alike and can easily withstand heavy repetition and frequent use. For gym owners and frequent users, the Bone Yard Oso Mighty Collars provide an extra layer of security and are compatible with any barbell. These collars are available in a wide variety of colors and are sure to bring a level of flair to any gym.


Pros & Cons


- Sturdy Construction – made with solid steel for strength and durability

• Patented oso and T-2 technology for quick and secure closure system

• Multiple colors available to match your style

• Compatible with any barbells, weight plates, and CrossFit rigs

• Will fit any standard Olympic Barbell (2” diameter)

• Locking mechanism allows for quick and easy removal


• Can be difficult to remove from barbells at times without significant pressure

• May require some lubrication over time to ensure continued use

• Heavier than other models – some may prefer lighter collars for easier portability

Who Should Buy

Anyone looking for a high-quality weightlifting collar should consider purchasing the Rogue Fitness Boneyard OSO Mighty Collars. These collars are made of solid steel and feature a unique spring and lever-style closure system for an incredibly secure grip. They are designed for a variety of Olympic weightlifting movements and can be used in both commercial and home gym settings.

Those who are not looking for a weightlifting collar, or do not intend to use them, should not purchase the Rogue Fitness Boneyard OSO Mighty Collars.


- Prongs allow for a secure hold on Olympic and Standard size barbells

- Forged steel construction with powder-coated finish for durability

- Quick-release trigger action for easy on/off

- Fits 2" Olympic barbells

- Sold in pairs

- Internal hex-head design with smooth, friction-free rotation

- Four rubber bumpers on both collar halves for protection of barbell

Elasticated CoreYesYesNoYes
Neoprene LiningYesYesNoNo
Buckle TypeMetalPlasticPlasticMetal
Plush PaddingYesNoYesYes
Adjustable CushioningYesNoYesNo
Reflective StripYesNoYesYes

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