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Boneyard OSO Rogue Collars

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Boneyard OSO Rogue Collars

The Boneyard OSO Rogue Collars are designed to be lightweight and durable, while still providing optimal fit and comfort for weightlifters of all levels. Made with a hard plastic alloy and silicone inserts, these collars feature a stainless steel pin and are designed to have a snug fit around your olympic style barbell. An Olympic-style collar (also known as a ‘lockjaw’ or ‘collar clip’) is an invaluable tool for any weightlifter, as it helps prevent the barbell from moving and ensure the user’s safety when lifting. The OSO Rogue Collars are available in both a single and double version, providing the weightlifter with the best of both worlds. Both versions are coated with a rubberized shell for increased grip and durability, as well as a secure grip. The single version offers a traditional prong design, while the double version includes an additional ridge in the prong to assist with providing a secure fit. The resistance of the collar is adjustable, allowing the user to customize the level of tension applied to the bar. These Boneyard OSO Rogue Collars offer the perfect balance of strength, durability and comfort when it comes to protecting the barbell during lifts. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced weightlifter, the Boneyard OSO Rogue Collars are sure to provide you with a reliable and secure means of ensuring your safety while lifting.


Pros & Cons


• Quick-action plastic lever closure

• Made from durable, lightweight injection-molded nylon

• Fits standard 2" Olympic bar sleeves

• Locking wedge provides secure hold of plates


• Only available in black color

• Size is not adjustable

• Can become loose if aggressive movements are performed

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

-Fitness professionals or enthusiasts who require reliable equipment

-Those who want quick and simple loading and unloading of weights for workouts

-People who want to ensure a better grip on the barbell

Who Should Not Buy:

-Those who seek a design beyond the basic black and white colors

-People who will primarily use the collar for Olympic weightlifting

-Those who want a more expensive, higher quality collar with a longer life-span


- Material: Metal alloy

- Available Colors: Black, blue, red, green, silver

- Weight: 2.4 oz.

- Style: Curved/angled

- Size: Medium, Large

- Logo/Engraving Available: Yes

- Assembly Required: No

ProductWeightMaterials usedCollar Width
Oso Boneyard OSO Rogue Collars8 - 10 oz.Leather1.5 inch
Ruffwear Chain Reaction Collar0.25 lbs.Webbing, Plastic Clip1"
HowlBrave Tough Collar with Reinforced Dogs0.35 lbs.Faux Leather, Metal D-ring1”
Eukanuba Ridgeback Collar0.25 lbs.Nylon1.2"
Blueberry Pet Daisy Patchwork Collar0.27 lbs.Polyester1”

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