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Book of Methods

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Book of Methods

The Rogue Book of Methods is a comprehensive and highly detailed guide to the Rogue Fitness Method. Designed to help athletes of all levels improve their strength and conditioning, this resource provides a detailed introduction to the methodology, programming advice and exercise tutorial videos. The Rogue Book of Methods offers a complete overview of how to get the most out of your workouts. The focus of the book is a comprehensive review of the various components of the Rogue Fitness Method so that each individual reader can tailor their program to get the best possible results. The book starts by introducing the Rogue Fitness Method and the history of the company, then delves into the various aspects that make up the method. Readers will learn what kind of equipment is necessary for the program and exactly how to set up their space. There is a section dedicated to program design and programming advice, as well as detailed exercise breakdowns and tutorial videos. The Rogue Book of Methods offers readers an in-depth look at the Rogue Fitness Method, which can help improve performance and overall fitness goals. With detailed instruction and programming advice, this resource can help beginner and advanced athletes alike.


Pros & Cons


• Comprehensive and detailed overview of training regimens for strength, power, and endurance athletes

• Author has over 25 years of industry experience

• Includes helpful tips from leading industry coaches

• Can be used as a reference for training programs in various sports

• Includes clear illustrations and photos to help the reader visualize each exercise


• While the information is comprehensive, it may be overwhelming for beginners

• Pricey compared to other fitness books

• Not geared towards any specific sport or type of athlete

• Does not offer information about nutrition or lifestyle choices to optimize training results

Who Should Buy

🔴 Should Buy:

• looking for in-depth instructional content on main lifts

• need a detailed plan for increasing strength

• interested in learning about accessory exercises that supplement main lifts

🔵 Should Not Buy:

• expecting an all-encompassing guide to fitness and nutrition

• wanting to learn more about other types of exercise

• looking for instant results


- Published in 2012

- Written by Louie Simmons and Tim Fitzgerlad

- 351 pages

- Paperback edition

- 9" x 6" x 0.9" inches (W x H x D)

- Weighs 1.5 lbs

Westside Book of MethodsSimilar Product ASimilar Product BSimilar Product C
692 pages180 pages226 pages592 pages
Lists over 600 exercisesLists over 300 exercisesLists over 200 exercisesLists over 450 exercises
Categories exercises by goal and equipmentCategories exercises by goalCategories exercises by sportsCategories exercises by type and skill level
Includes illustrations for exercisesIncludes illustrations for some exercisesIncludes animation for exercisesIncludes illustrations of sports biomechanics
Covers resistance training, speed and agility, and coordination exercisesCovers resistance trainingCovers speed and agility and strength trainingCovers flexibility and core training
Written by top coaches and athletesWritten by sport coachesWritten by sports medicine expertsWritten by current and former athletes

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