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BOSU® Elite By WeckMethod

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BOSU® Elite By WeckMethod

The Bosu Elite by WeckMethod is a unique and versatile exercise tool that combines the benefits of traditional strength training with cardiovascular and balance training. The Bosu Elite is made up of two components: a heavy-duty plastic platform and a heavy-duty rubber base. The platform can be filled with sand or water, or it can be used empty. This provides varying degrees of instability and challenge to the user. The rubber base provides stability and absorbs shock. The Bosu Elite by WeckMethod is designed to help increase core strength, balance, agility, endurance and overall fitness. It is ideal for athletes looking to improve their performance or anyone who wants to increase the range of exercise variety in their training. The platform is large enough to accommodate an adult, and is easy to adjust from beginner to advanced levels. The Bosu Elite also includes a pair of special resistance bands, which you can attach to the base of the platform for additional resistance. This helps to engage more muscles and push users to the next level. Additionally, the Bosu Elite has a contoured design and multiple handles, making it easy to lift and move the platform, so you can take it to the gym, save space at home, or bring it with you on the go. In conclusion, the Bosu Elite by WeckMethod is a great addition to any home gym or fitness studio. It provides a dynamic and versatile workout, improves core and balance strength, and is simple to transport, making it a great choice for anyone looking to take their fitness routine to the next level.


Pros & Cons


• Versatile pieces of equipment that can be used by beginner or advanced athletes to improve balance, strength, conditioning, and stability

• Helps athletes of all abilities and levels of experience to improve explosive strength, power, agility, and acceleration

• Dual-sided design offers two unique options for high intensity workouts - one side is a platform and the other side contains a balance disc that can be used in varying exercises

• Provides users with the options to engage the entire body in functional movements, making for an efficient and comprehensive workout


• Can be expensive due to the specialized nature and materials it is made of

• Does not come with instructions on how to use the equipment correctly, so users need to do a bit of research to understand how to safely use the product

• The height of the stability disk may be too low or too high for some people, potentially leading to injury

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People looking to increase balance and coordination

• People looking for an all-in-one functional training tool

• Those who want to increase their agility and coordination

Who Should Not Buy:

• People looking for a low impact exercise

• Individuals not comfortable with working with unstable surfaces

• Those who want a piece of equipment without the hassle of assembly


• Allows for a variety of training from plyo, strength, and balance

• Supports up to 400 lbs

• Durable construction combining a Polypropylene base and heavy duty inflatable dome

• Base: 39" in diameter & 4.5" high

• Dome: 28.5" in diameter & 8.5" high

• Weight: 24 lbs

SpecWeckmethod BOSU® Elite By WeckMethodProduct #1Product #2Product #3
Weight Capacity400lbs300lbs375lbs300lbs
Maximum Inflation9in.10in.8in.10in.
WarrantyNo1 year1 year2 year

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