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Varied Not Random - Bench Press Capacity

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Varied Not Random - Bench Press Capacity

The BTWB Varied Not Random Bench Press Capacity from Rogue Fitness is an advanced training tool that targets both muscular strength and cardiovascular conditioning. This unusually designed piece of fitness equipment is designed for all training levels, from beginner to advanced, and is constructed from durable steel and cast iron. Weighing just 150lbs, the BTWB VNRBP can be easily transported or stored. The VNRBP has been designed to allow users to perform varying levels of resistance in order to maximize the effectiveness of their workouts. By using a cam-style resistance system, the VNRBP provides gradual, variable resistance rather than the traditional static weight plates. This allows the user to adjust the resistance to their specific fitness level and desired intensity. The VNRBP also allows for a wide range of exercise variations. It can be used for a variety of pressing movements, including flat and incline pressing, as well as shoulder, triceps, and chest exercises. The VNRBP can help users to increase their max bench press capacity, which can help to improve overall strength and power. Not only is the VNRBP an effective training tool, but it is also an aesthetically pleasing piece of equipment. It features an anodized black finish, as well as textured black guard rails and a machined diamond plate foot plate, giving it a modern, stylish look. The BTWB Varied Not Random Bench Press Capacity from Rogue Fitness is an effective training tool that provides both resistance variations and aesthetic appeal. It is designed for all skill and fitness levels and can be used to develop max bench press capacity, as well as other pressing and muscle-building exercises.


Pros & Cons


• Offers specific percentages of your one-rep max for every workout.

• Can be used with any standard Olympic bar and plates.

• Assists with progression planning and tracking.

• Includes detailed videos guides with every program for form, technique, and setup.

• Focuses on proper exercise execution and safety.


• Not customizable for individualizing specifically for the user’s needs.

• Not ideal for powerlifting or more advanced lifters.

• Limited usage for multi-movement workouts.

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

-Athletes or coaches looking for a low-risk and challenging plan to improve bench pressing capacity

-Those with limited strength access interested in varied workouts broken up into manageable sessions

Who Should Not Buy:

-People looking for generic workouts or plans not specifically designed for injury prevention

-Lifters seeking to focus heavily on torso or upper-body development only


• Adjustable Bench Position Angle

• Maximum Weight Capacity: 500lbs

• 10-inch Long Safety Spotters

• 2 Adjustable Bar Racks

• Standard Olympic Plate Storage Posts

• 4 Olympic Plate Storage Posts

• High-grade Steel Construction

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