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Varied Not Random - Bodyweight On-ramp

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Varied Not Random - Bodyweight On-ramp

Rogue's BTWB Varied, Not Random Bodyweight On-Ramp is a four-week bodyweight training program designed to help athletes of all levels build strength, mobility, and conditioning foundations through bodyweight movements and protocols. The program features 16 instructional videos, five high-quality and challenging workouts spread across four weeks, and allows users to track their progress through the use of personalized performance metrics. The program begins with a throwing and catching fundamentals tutorial video and then progresses to coordination and mobility drills designed to prepare the athlete for the grueling bodyweight exercises to come. As users move through the program, they are provided with targeted instructional videos that focus on key elements of bodyweight strength and conditioning training, such as handstand and pull-up progressions, explosive exercises, tumbling drills and more. Each week of the program is broken down into three detailed workouts, each one lasting 45 minutes or less. The exercises are programmed to ensure all major muscle groups are being worked - ranging from intense, cardio-heavy metabolic conditioning pieces and gymnastic skills, to challenging bodyweight strength exercises. Though challenging, the program is accessible to all levels of athleticism, making it a prime choice for those looking to build a strong bodyweight foundation. The program also features a ‘ridiculously simple’ nutrition program to ensure athletes maintain community and fuel their workouts. Once the four weeks of the program are complete, users are left with a solid base of strength, mobility, and conditioning that can be built upon or used to target and reach future fitness goals.


Pros & Cons


• Designed to build strength and increase mobility

• Application available for iOS and Andriod

• Beta Versions are free

• Ability to track and chart your workouts

• Program is suitable for a variety of skill levels


• Requires a paid subscription after the trial period

• Not ideal for advanced athletes seeking more intensity

• The iOS and Andriod applications may have glitches and bugs

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- For experienced athletes looking to cross-train or progress to bodyweight training

- For athletes who want to gain strength, build endurance, and hit key mobility goals

- For athletes looking for a complete bodyweight program to fit their individual needs

Should Not Buy:

- For athletes who are not familiar with bodyweight training

- For athletes looking for a random bodyweight program

- For athletes who are unwilling to commit to a bodyweight program


• Workouts span 8 weeks

• Progressively introduces total body exercises

• Combines strength, mobility & skill progressions

• Sessions last 40-45 mins

• Includes easy to follow videos available online

• Integrates TRX, resistance bands, and bodyweight exercises

• Utilizes metabolic conditioning for fat-burning

• Uses circuit, interval, and core madness drills for fitness gains

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Use forRogue Varied Not Random - Bodyweight On-rampBodyweight Fitness Training SystemBodywork Suspension System
Multiple exercisesYesYesYes
Variety of difficulty levelsYesYesNo
Built in muscle recovery treatmentsNoNoYes
Portable and easy to install/removeYesYesNo
Ability to add additional resistanceNoYesNo

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