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Varied Not Random - Deadlift Capacity

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Varied Not Random - Deadlift Capacity

The BTWB Varied Not Random Deadlift Capacity from Rogue Fitness is a complete deadlift program and routine that's tailored to help you maximize your deadlift strength and power. The program includes five levels that have been designed to help you become a better and stronger deadlift lifter. Each level includes weekly programs, includes detailed instruction on form, technique and programming, and has tool objectives, reps and loads that scale up and down. The program can be customized to accommodate your current level of strength and the demands of your event. You'll also find emailed tutorials and technique videos for each exercise included in the program. With good adherence and tracking, the program is designed to help you build your strength and power and train for your specific event. After each level, you'll be able to retake the test, increase benchmarks and measure your progress, which will ultimately result in increased strength. All in all, the BTWB Varied Not Random Deadlift Capacity from Rogue Fitness is an excellent program for those interested in maximizing their deadlift strength.


Pros & Cons


• Comes with two adjustable band lengths for different weight ranges

• Improves pulling strength and power for deadlifting exercises

• Made with high-quality, durable materials

• Includes comprehensive explanations and instructional material to help users understand how to properly use the product


• May require extra setup time to adjust to desired tension

• Can be difficult for beginners to use without professional guidance

• Can be expensive for larger weights and resistances

Who Should Buy

Someone who wants to improve their Deadlift capacity and is willing to put in the work to do so.


• 3–5 second eccentric and concentric

• Full range of motion

• Explosive concentric

• Controlled eccentric

• Shoulders over bar at lockout

• Maintain mid-foot balance

• Contract glutes and quads at lockout

• Identify weak points in technique / mobility

• Handle heavy loads for multiple reps

• Maintain normal spinal curves

• Train explosively off the floor

• Set hips back before starting lift

• Slow and controlled descent

• Lead with chest on ascent, not hips

• Keep Bar In Close Contact With Thighs

• Maintain neutral spine throughout lift

• Reset for each rep

Rogue Varied Not Random - Deadlift CapacityProduct 1Product 2Product 3Product 4
Maximum Load Capacity1000 lb900 lb1000 lb800 lb
Frame Material2.5mm steel tubing2mm steel tubing2.4mm steel tubing2.2mm steel tubing
FinishBlack powder-coatBlack powder-coatRust-resistant gray paintBlue powder-coat
Weight79 lb75 lb78 lb80 lb

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