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Varied Not Random - First Handstand Pushup

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Varied Not Random - First Handstand Pushup

-program The BTWB Varied Not Random First Handstand Pushup Program is a comprehensive twelve-week comprehensive program designed to teach any athlete the proper technique to perform Handsstand Push-Ups (HSPUs). The program includes a variety of targeted drills and exercises to build up the strength and stability needed to support and ultimately master HSPU technique. Each of the twelve weeks includes three progressive workouts that use an “evidence-based approach” to help the user increase their HSPU fluency. In addition, the program includes more than forty tutorial videos to walk the user through proper form and mechanics. The program is designed to help athletes of any level progress through the program as fast or as slow as they are comfortable with. Users can work through the program following each of the week’s workouts according to the workout level they are comfortable with or they can choose to go at their own pace. After the twelve weeks, users will have developed a strong base of HSPU knowledge and mastery. The BTWB Varied Not Random First Handstand Pushup Program is a great way for any athlete to develop a strong foundation of HSPU technique and understanding. With the program’s evidence-based approach, users can move through the program with the confidence that they are properly developing their HSPU technique. Additionally, the tutorial videos give users the ability to excel independently and at the pace they are comfortable with. By the end of the twelve weeks, the user should expect to master HSPUs confidently in their training regimen.


Pros & Cons


• Multiple levels of difficulty to suit user experience

• Versatile structure for various handstand pushups

• different handstand methods included

• High-quality steel Construction

• Foam handle for extra grip and comfort


• Additional purchase needed for use

• Expensive for a single piece of equipment

• Could potentially be difficult to assemble for novices

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

• It's adjustable to different body sizes and conditions.

• It allows for a variety of movements and tasks.

• It builds core strength and stability.

• It can help with shoulder and wrist mobility.

• It encourages proper technique.

Reasons Not to Buy:

• It is quite expensive compared to similar products.

• It requires a great deal of knowledge to use and understand.

• It has a steep learning curve.

• It is not suitable for those with existing injuries or serious medical conditions.


• Feet together, with toes pointed

• Arms should be straight at the start, and hands should be shoulder-width apart

• Shoulder blades spread and rotated back

• Chest should come down to the ground (or just above the ground)

• Press up so that arms are straight at the top

• Elbows track backward and inward, creating nearly full extension

• Shoulders rotate to perpendicular with the ground at the top of the push-up

• The goal is to have the shoulders in an active position, locked out, and in a stable and strong position

PriceDimensionsWeight Capacity
$93.9242” x 24” x 6”440 lbs
$245.0065” x 24.5” x 41.5”200 lbs
$19.9922.44” x 9.45” x 0.75”330 lbs
$46.9927” x 11” x 6.25”330 lbs

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