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Varied Not Random - First Kipping Pull-up

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Varied Not Random - First Kipping Pull-up

The BTWB Varied Not Random First Kipping Pull-Up is a unique piece of pull-up equipment designed to help athletes of all levels improve their pull-up performance. The standout feature of this product is its specially designed kipping design element, which encourages athletes to move through the pull-up motion in an efficient and effective manner. The product is constructed from heavy-duty steel construction that is designed to support up to 350lbs, allowing for athletes of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels to use the product. The product is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and is finished with a powder-coated finish that is immune to rusting, peeling or chipping. The product features a rubber-coated handle that offers a comfortable and secure grip while performing pull-ups. The product also features a built-in countertop feature which helps calculate the number of successful pull-ups performed during an exercise session. The BTWB Varied Not Random First Kipping Pull-Up is an ideal product for athletes looking to improve their pull-up performance, as it offers a unique kipping design that encourages users to move efficiently through the pull-up motion. The product is made from robust steel and a durable powder-coated finish, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Finally, the product features a comfortable handle and built-in countertop feature making it a versatile and effective piece of pull-up equipment.


Pros & Cons


• Constructed of a heavy duty steel frame

• Textured handle grips for improved grip

• Allows for controlled movements for a full range of motion

• Useable for kipping pull-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, and many other exercises

• Designed to promote and aid proper form

• height levels to customize desired intensity


• Limited to certain exercises

• May require extra space or ceiling height depending on height levels chosen

• Heavy and not easily portable

Who Should Buy

• Should buy:

-People who prioritize quality and functional exercise equipment

-Athletes who desire to objectively track and measure their progress

-Competitors who need an extra edge to increase their performance

• Should not buy:

-Individuals who are not serious about reaching their fitness goals

-Someone who doesn't like to keep track of their data

-Someone who does not have the budget to buy quality exercise equipment


• Begins at a dead hang

• Feet are off the ground

• No swing or 'kip' before first pull-up

• Kipping begins after first pull-up

• Movements are linked together, no breaking of link

• Full extension of arms after each pull-up

Rogue Varied Not Random - 1st Kipping Pull-up
Made ofSteel and Urethane Coated
Weight240 lbs
Load Capacity800 lbs
Atomic Athlete Kipping Pull Up
Made of11-gauge steel
Weight86 lbs
Load Capacity800 lbs
Pendlay CrossFit Kipping Pull Up
Made ofSteel
Weight205 lbs
Load Capacity500 lbs
Pioneer Fitness Kipping Pull Up
Made ofSteel and Urethane Coated
Weight107 lbs
Load Capacity1,000 lbs

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