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Varied Not Random - First Push-up

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Varied Not Random - First Push-up

The BTWB VARIED NOT RANDOM First Push Up is a functional fitness training program created by BTWB to help individuals of varying fitness levels develop a strong, stable upper body. This routine is made up of seven different levels of push up variation – including dips, bent-knee push up, incline push ups, and more. The program guides individuals through different levels of challenging push ups and is designed to ensure that each level is achievable for each person, no matter their fitness level. With the combination of guided exercises, detailed instructions on proper form and technique, and three dynamic workout paths, BTWB VARIED NOT RANDOM First Push Up is an effective and comprehensive program for those of all levels of fitness. The program is structured in an easy-to-follow format with clear instructions on proper form and technique to help the user progress toward their goal of a stronger upper body. Additionally, the program features video guidance on each exercise and a library of premade workouts. The variety of exercises and the ability to adjust the program to the user’s level makes BTWB VARIED NOT RANDOM First Push Up an invaluable resource for individuals who are looking to build strength and stability in the upper body.


Pros & Cons


• Adjustable to your specific skill level

• Improves upper body strength while targeting should girdle

• Builds endurance

• Light weight and easy to transport

• Ergonomic design for comfort

• Includes TBWB Free App to track workouts


• Instructions are not provided

• Does not include any additional equipment needed for exercises such as bands and sledgehammers

• Requires a phone or digital device to track workouts

• Difficult to adjust the degree of difficulty

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- Those looking for a scientifically-designed workout program

- Those needing an extra push to help them reach their fitness goals

- Those seeking to challenge themselves

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those whose long-term fitness goals do not include strength training

- Those who prefer to choose their own workouts and exercises

- Those who lack basic knowledge of proper form and safety techniques


• Dimensions: 28"L x 24"W x 10"H

• Weight: 24 lbs

• Construction: Steel

• Powder Coat Finish: Black

• Handlebars: 1 pair of rubber grip

• Pads: 4” thick foam backed pads

• Pivoting Base: 2 Pieces of Arctic 4” Thick = 1 Pair of spring locking clips

• Safety Range: All sides adjustable to 14” H for any user

• Design: Built to engage the upper body in proper posturing for optimal results

• Warranty: 1 Year manufacturer warranty

Rogue Varied Not Random - First Push-upProduct 1Product 2Product 3
Push-Up TypeVariedVariedAdvanced Variation
No. of Varied Variations1048
Gradual Increment in Difficulty (levels)YesYesYes
Number of Resistance Bands646
Instructional VideoYesYesYes

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