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Varied Not Random - First Strict Pull-up

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Varied Not Random - First Strict Pull-up

. Rogue's BTWB Varied Not Random First Strict Pull-Up is built to help you take your pull-up game to the next level. This advanced pull-up program is designed for pull-up enthusiasts who want to test their strength and endurance and become the best pull-up performers. The program is divided into four weeks, with each week containing five workouts. You start with an initial assessment to determine your starting strength and highest pull-up number, and then the program will progressively add more reps and intensity based on your starting strength and ability. Each workout includes various pull-up exercises that target different muscle groups, including: regular pull-ups, kipping pull-ups, commandos (fingerless pull-ups), archers (elbows bent pull-ups), banded pull-ups, and paused pull-ups. All of these exercises help build strength, endurance, and stability. Additionally, there are options to add weight and do explosive pull-ups for even greater intensity. In addition to the pull-up exercises, the program also includes recovery sessions with elastic bands and dynamic stretching for a full-body workout. There is also a recommended nutrition plan to aid in muscle recovery and healing. Overall, the BTWB Varied Not Random First Strict Pull-Up program is designed for those wanting to take their pull-up game to the next level. The program is divided into four weeks, each with five workouts, and provides the tools to gradually increase pull-up intensity and develop an overall stronger gravitational power. Recovery and nutrition plans are also included to maximize the benefits of the program.


Pros & Cons


• Customizable to fit your specific exercise goals

• Designed to progressively increase difficulty

• Includes video tutorials to assist with proper form

• Portable and easy to use

• Affordable price


• Limited to exercises that involve the pull-up bar

• Not suitable for more advanced athletes due to difficulty level

• Requires setup and adjustments to properly use and progress with the program

• Might be too difficult for beginners

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

•If you are looking for a precise way to measure and improve when it comes to gaining strict pull up strength.

•If you want to experience a strong lift/technique/program connection that is tailored to your individual needs.

•If you need an effective way to progress your pull up strength in a way that avoids plateaus.

Should Not Buy:

•If you are not interested in tracking and measuring your progress.

•If you prefer not to have a program tailored specifically to your individual skill level and needs.

•If you do not have a specific goal in mind when it comes to pull up strength.


• Strict pull-ups, organized in a 5-second descending cadence (5-4-3-2-1)

• Start position at the top (chin over the bar)

• Movement of the arms is decoupled, performing one with each descending count

• Sinister alternating arm movement

• Fully extended arms, regular grip

• Movement of the legs and torso should be kept to a minimum

Rogue Varied Not RandomProduct 1Product 2
Grip FeatureCustomizable hand gripsNon-customizable hand gripsNon-customizable hand grips
Mounting FeatureOptional Wall MountOptional Wall MountStandard Wall Mount
Weight Capacity1000 lbs800 lbs600 lbs
Made AssembledYesNoNo

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