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Varied Not Random - First Strict Ring Muscle-up

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Varied Not Random - First Strict Ring Muscle-up

The BTWB Varied Not Random First Strict Ring Muscle Up is designed to take your rings to a whole new level. This innovative product is perfect for anyone looking to master a more challenging skill and improve their strength. This muscle-building ring training tool has been designed to provide a progressive and challenging workout to target and strengthen the different muscles needed for a successful muscle up. The First Strict Ring Muscle Up from BTWB focuses on three core areas: mobility, strength and stability. The mobility component helps you develop and increase shoulder range of motion in order to successfully execute a strict muscle up. The strength component works on building the strength and power needed for a successful strict muscle up. Finally, the stability component provides the stability necessary for a successful and controlled muscle up. The Varied Not Random design of this product ensures that your muscles don't become too familiar with the training program. You'll have to adjust to a different skill or rep range each time you use the First Strict ring muscle up. This helps to keep workouts and results constantly challenging, enabling you to reach those strength goals faster than with traditional methods. The First Strict Ring Muscle Up is designed to be used at home, in the gym, or outdoors – you can use it anywhere. This product was designed and tested by professionals to ensure it could survive and excel in all environments. Overall, the First Strict Ring Muscle Up from BTWB is perfect for anyone looking to take their muscle ups to the next level and reach those strength-building goals faster. It is a well-made, variably challenging and stable product that, when used properly, will provide the tangible results you’re looking for.


Pros & Cons


• Quality Construction: Made of steel, hardwood, and other high-quality materials to ensure a safe and secure workout experience.

• Variety of exercises: Designed to provide a wide range of exercises for developing upper body, core, and cardio strength and endurance.

• Adjustable force bands: Easy to adjust bands allow you to vary the level of difficulty to suit your fitness level.

• Easy setup: Assembly is simple and quick and can be done in a few minutes.


• Not suitable for beginners: Intended for more experienced exercisers who are already comfortable with pull-up and ring-based exercises.

• Cost: Could be an expensive purchase for people who may not get much use out of the product.

• Not adjustable: Does not feature adjustable parts to suit various size of users.

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Goal of doing more ring muscle-ups

• Enjoys focused programing rather than random

• Tired of seeing slow gains

Should Not Buy:

• Have no interest in muscle-ups

• Doesn't need additional programing


• Start in a dead hang position

• Pull to a false grip high ring rig

• Raise legs to lockout position

• Dislocate shoulders to a deep catch position

• Maintain control through the lockout position

• Make sure the arms remain straight

• Finish with a dip to the chest at the bottom of the swing

• Keep feet off the floor during the entire movement

ProductWeight CapacityMaterial TypePrice
Rogue Varied Not Random - First Strict Ring-Muscle Up600 lbSteel Rings$67.00
Valor Fitness MB-5 Short Ring, CrossFit600 lbSteel Rings$105.00
Schiek Sports Inc. Nylon Dip Belt800 lbsNylon$18.90
Fitness Gear 36Pull-Up Bar300 lbSteel$34.95

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