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Varied Not Random - Handstand Walk 5ft

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Varied Not Random - Handstand Walk 5ft

The Rogue Fitness BTWB Varied Not Random Handstand Walk is an innovative tool to help improve handstand walking. This 5’ long piece of equipment is characterized by staggered surface heights aiding in the development of cross-body stability and coordination, as well as the use of different hand and foot positions. The walk inches forward and slowly decreasing in height, forcing the athlete to focus on body control. This product is designed for gymnasts, calisthenics athletes, and anyone looking to add core/shoulder strength and balance to their workout routine. The product is constructed from heavy-duty welded steel with a sleek powdercoat finish for long-lasting durability, and a non-skid rubber top for added stability. The Handstand Walk's varying heights range from .5” to 7”, and other features include wall anchor brackets for installation and a center plate so you can move it from one location to another. The versatility and progressive design of the Rogue Fitness BTWB Varied Not Random Handstand Walk is perfect for anyone looking to strengthen their handstand game, and efficiently progress down the line of skills till you have a desired level of proficiency.


Pros & Cons


• Enhances balance and builds stability

• Helps improve concentration and focus

• Easy to install and set up

• Fun for the whole family

• Robust Construction

• Made with high quality materials

• Non-slip surface to help you stay in place


• Only available in 5ft length

• Pricey compared to other similar products

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

- Those who want to work on improving their handstand walk skills

- Those who want to challenge their balance

- Those who typically use resistance bands in their workouts

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those who do not have an interest in working on their handstand walk skills

- Those who do not possess basic balance skills

- Those who are not comfortable using resistance bands in their workouts


• Handstand Walk 5ft

• Foot positioning: Shoulders should be over hands the entire duration of the walk

• Start in a tall hollow body hold

• Hands should stay evenly spaced with wrists in line with elbows

• Chest should move along the same vertical plane (upright)

• Look straight ahead and maintain a neutral neck position

• No gravity assisted walking allowed

ProductWeightColorMaterialDimensions (LxWxH)Price
Rogue Varied Not Random - Handstand Walk 5ft0lbsBlackSteel5' x 10" x 5"$165.00
Bodyweight Fitness Training Set43.1lbsGraySteel4' x 5' x 4'$195.00
CAP Barbell Variable Handstand Walk130lbsBlackSteel5' x 10" x 5"$144.99
PowerBlock Variable Handstand Walk41lbsBlackSteel5' x 10" x 5"$196.00
Alliance Fitness Variable Handstand Walk56.2lbsBlackSteel5' x 10" x 5"$164.00

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