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Varied Not Random - Jerk 1RM

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Varied Not Random - Jerk 1RM

The Rogue BTWB Varied, Not Random Jerk 1RM Test is a comprehensive assessment and coaching tool to help weightlifters develop better technique in the jerk lift. This easy-to-use and effective program works by having the individual perform a series of jumps, presses, and jerks of increasing weight in order to establish a 1RM. The program is designed to be unbiased and minimize risk of injury, and is appropriate for athletes of all skill levels. The program utilizes a series of lifts to accurately and safely establish the 1RM of an individual, working up to a maximum weight. Individuals start light and increase the weight, while ensuring good technique throughout all the lifts. The program includes exercise cues and coaching tips to help the lifter maintain industry-standard technique and maximize their 1RM results. The Rogue BTWB Varied, Not Random Jerk 1RM Test works by having the lifter work through several sets of increasing jerks at varying weights. This allows the lifter to gradually increase the weight, minimizing their risk of injury and maximizing results. This program is designed to be unbiased and is suitable for lifters of any skill level. The goal of the Rogue BTWB Varied, Not Random Jerk 1RM Test is to provide real results to the lifter in order to improve their performance in the jerk lift. Results from this program can be utilized by coaches, athletes and weightlifters of any level, and the individual can use these results to further improve their technique and lift heavier weights. This program is the perfect way to establish a baseline for an individual’s performance in the jerk lift, and to track their progress over time.


Pros & Cons


• Increased power output

• Integrates technical aspects of Olympic lifts

• Provides immediate feedback with scoring

• All exercises are auto-loaded into app

• Can track progression for max effort lifts

• Detailed feedback from coaches


• Requires access to an Olympic weightlifting platform

• May be difficult to access for remote training

• Requires an understanding of proper Olympic lifting technique

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

-Athletes looking to improve their Olympic lifting technique and/or increase their strength

-Strength & conditioning coaches looking for a reliable and user friendly program

-Weightlifters and CrossFitters wanting to reach maximum performance

Who Should Not Buy:

-Beginner athletes that are new to proper weightlifting techniques

-Those looking for a program without a dedicated coach or trainer

-People with minimal access to a variety of weightlifting equipment


- Dimensions: Coming soon.

- Weight: Coming soon.

- Resistance: 5 – 25 kg

- Body Positioning: Elite Olympic lifting and functional training.

- Grip Options: High-tensile nylon safety straps or short-handle steel grip option.

- Safety: New design features a foot anchor for stabilization.

- Adjustable Range: Up to 1RM.

- Weight Increments: 2.5 kg.

- Compatibility: Compatible with most standard Olympic weight plates.

Rogue Varied Not Random - Jerk 1RMProduct Name 1Product Name 2Product Name 3
Grip Sizes: 25", 28", 30"Intek Strength I-Beam Press Push UpRep Fitness Push Up BarEverlast Push Up Bar
Angle: 45 degreesHandles: Curved AluminiumHandles: Rubber Covered SteelHandles: Foam-Covered Steel
Finish: Black ZincGrips: PlasticGrips: Ergonomic FoamGrips: Knurled Rubber
Capacity: 600lbsCapacity: 500lbsCapacity: 600lbsCapacity: 1000lbs

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