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Varied Not Random - Shoulder Press Capacity

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Varied Not Random - Shoulder Press Capacity

-challenge The BTWB Shadeld Press Capacity Challenge from Rogue Fitness is a competitive workout program designed to help anyone improve their pressing strength and capacity. This comprehensive 4-week program focuses on building upon specific physical capabilities through structured, varied, and progressive workouts. The program starts by assessing your current shoulder strength and benchmarks it against your long-term goals. From there, you receive weekly programming which varies volume and intensity, focusing on increasing total overall capacity. Additionally, supplemental mobility, core, and posterior-chain workouts are included in the program’s exercises to provide well-rounded performance benefits. In addition to tracking and improving shoulder strength, the program also helps you build upon related physical capabilities, such as increasing stability throughout your core and shoulder regions, while strengthening your anterior and posterior muscles to better support the shoulder joint. Whether you’re looking to gain an edge in competitive sports, increase your strength and capacity for everyday gym performance, or just set some new personal bests, the BTWB Variety Not Random program makes for an ideal choice. It’s suitable for athletes of all levels and is regularly updated to ensure your conditioning and strength goals are kept up-to-date.


Pros & Cons


• Light and easy to transport

• Great tool for training upper body muscles

• Varied lifting capacity – can be adjusted depending on intensity desired

• Work almost any muscle group


• Expensive

• Not suitable for beginner lifters

• Only works shoulder muscles

• Can be difficult to understand how to optimal adjust lifting capacity

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

• Athletes looking to increase their shoulder press capacity

• Trainers who prioritize workout variation

• Regular gym-goers who need a reliable strength-training routine

Who should not buy:

• Beginners whose form needs significant improvement

• People with medical conditions that limit physical activity

• People with limited access to equipment suitable for this type of training


• Capacity: 12-14 kg (25-30 lbs)

• Weight: 11-12 kg (24-26 lbs)

• Arm Length: 19-21 cm (7.5-8.2 inches)

• Plate Dimensions: 40x20 cm (15.7x7.87 inches)

• Total Height: 180 cm (71 inches)

• Base Dimensions: 59x50 cm (23.2x19.7 inches)

ProductShoulder Press Capacity
Rogue Varied Not Random1,600 lb
Rogue Infinity Series2,500 lb
Rogue Monster Series2,500 lb
HyperExtension Pro475 lb
Body-Solid GLPH11001,000 lb
Hammer Strength2,000 lb

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