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Buffalo Brew Coffee - Wilson

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Buffalo Brew Coffee - Wilson

-cream Buffalo Brew Coffee's Wilson Cream blend is a medium roast crafted from a combination of African and South American coffees. This flavorful combination creates a distinct citrusy-caramel flavor with a pleasant aroma and smooth finish. Buffalo Brew Coffee roasts each batch with careful precision to ensure the highest quality for its consumers. This blend is certified organic and ethically sourced from both Africa and South America. The beans are sourced from family farms and cooperatives who are paid highly for their labor, promoting sustainable and fair trade practices. The Wilson Cream blend can be prepared in a wide variety of brewing methods, making it a versatile choice. It can be brewed using a standard drip coffee maker, French press, Chemex, or cold brew process. Each method brings out unique notes in the coffee's flavor profile. If you're looking for a deliciously balanced coffee blend with subtle sweet and tart notes, Buffalo Brew Coffee's Wilson Cream blend is sure to satisfy.


Pros & Cons


• Rich, full-bodied flavor

• Lightly roasted organic beans

• Low acidity and naturally sweet flavor

• Caffeine boost and natural energy

• Grown in organic, sustainable environment


• Limited flavor selection

• Price point may be too high for some budgets

• Not available in all regions

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- High-quality coffee—specialty grade, small batch roasted

- Highly convenient—available in 12oz bags, compatible with standard drip machines

- Unique blend—Buffalo-style cold brew with a smooth, balanced taste

Should Not Buy:

- Those looking for something highly caffeinated—Buffalo Brew Coffee Wilson is very low in caffeine

- Those looking for complex coffee flavors—the taste is smooth and relatively mild

- Those looking for a cheaper option—the coffee is priced higher than more standard brands


- Whole bean Arabica coffee

- Light roast

- Certified Organic and Fair Trade

- Sourced from the finest Nicaraguan estate

- Roasted and packaged in Wilson, New York

SpecRogue Buffalo Brew Coffee - WilsonSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Weight8.8 oz12 oz11 oz10 oz
FlavorRich chocolate, berry, nuttyFruity, Caramel, ChocolateRoasted Nuts, Caramel, ChocolateFloral, Sweet, Balanced

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