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Buffalo Brew Coffee - Yellowstone

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Buffalo Brew Coffee - Yellowstone

-blend Buffalo Brew Coffee's Yellowstone Blend is a medium-dark roasted, single origin specialty coffee from Costa Rica. The beans have been handpicked from the remote Tarrazu region of Costa Rica and carefully roasted to produce a rich flavor full of sweet and nutty notes. This special mountain-grown coffee creates a creamy texture and smooth finish. The yellowstone blend is Certified Organic and shade grown. Shade grown coffees help to preserve the local habitats and protect the bird populations in the region. This sustainable practice ensures that high quality coffee is produced without causing harm to the nearby environment. Each batch is carefully tested to ensure a consistent flavor every time. The flavor of the yellowstone blend is best described as a medium-to-dark roast with notes of sweet caramel, almond, and orange citrus. It has a creamy body, a medium-low acidity, and a smooth, full-bodied finish. The coffee is a great choice for espresso, drip coffee, and cold brew. Buffalo Brew's Yellowstone Blend is the perfect coffee for those who are looking for a sustainable and ethically-sourced coffee with a unique flavor. The unique origins and careful processing make this coffee an excellent choice for those who want to experience the flavor of a single origin specialty coffee from Costa Rica.


Pros & Cons


• Fair Trade coffee that supports farmers and communities in Guatemala

• Organic and naturally processed with no chemicals or preservatives

• Smooth, nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness

• Medium roast with a bold body

• Arabica beans with no fillers

• Enriched with electrolytes and caffeine for better hydration

• Organic sugar for sweetness and flavor

• No artificial preservatives or additives

• Sustainable packaging for a fresh cup of coffee every time


• Limited availability in stores

• Higher cost than other brands

• Some might find the taste too strong

• Longer brewing time than most brands

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy This Product:

• For those looking for a versatile and space-saving home gym

• For those looking to get a full body workout in as quickly as possible

• For those who appreciate high-quality materials and construction

Who Should Not Buy This Product:

• Those with limited budgets as this product could be expensive

• Those with large spaces, as this product does not offer expansive equipment capacity

• Those who are looking for specialized workout equipment as this product focuses mainly on full body exercises


- Semi-Dark Roast

- Single Origin

- 12oz Bag

- Costa Rica Tarrazu

- Certified Fair Trade

- Rainforest Alliance Certified

- Organic

- Small Batch Roasted

- Artisanal Prepared

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