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Burgener Strength - 8 Weeks to Get Strong

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Burgener Strength - 8 Weeks to Get Strong

er The Burgener Strength 8 Weeks to Get Stronger program from Rogue Fitness is a comprehensive training program developed with input from Olympic weightlifting coach and metamorphic athelite Mike Burgener. It was created to help users get stronger through simple, effective exercises and self-learning. The program is tailored for any level of athlete, from beginner to elite, and includes up to 8 weeks of programming with the goal of developing power, strength, and speed. The program includes aerobic and anaerobic exercises, mobility and stability work, strength training, and weightlifting techniques. Burgener Strength also provides guidance on nutrition and recovery, enabling users to maximize their training results. The program features clear, easy-to-follow instructional videos with Mike Burgener and other world-class coaches demonstrating proper form and technique. This makes the program suitable for self-learning and allows users to move at their own pace. Additionally, Burgener Strength includes time-based programming and progressive overload, allowing users to track their progress and measure results. In conclusion, Burgener Strength 8 Weeks to Get Stronger is a comprehensive training program designed to help users of any experience level build strength and power. The program includes instructional videos and progressive overload, enabling users to learn at their own pace and measure their results. Users can also benefit from Burgener Strength’s guidance on nutrition and recovery, helping them get the most out of their training.


Pros & Cons


• Structured 8-week program for building strength

• Created by noted Olympic weightlifting and strength coach Mike Burgener

• Includes online coaching videos

• Offers personalized and expert advice

• Access to community support and resources

• Includes complimentary warm-up drills and technique prep


• Can be expensive for some budget Constraints

• Online-only access can be limiting for some users

• Requires access to basic weight training equipment and gear

• May be too intense for some beginner strength trainees

• Needs to be supplemented with additional exercises for muscle building

Who Should Buy

For Who Should Buy:

- Want to increase strength and reach new goals

- Serious about improving their fitness level

- Looking for an intense program which includes nutrition advice

For Who Should Not Buy:

- Uncommitted to the program

- Looking for immediate results

- Not able to commit to the required amount of time and dedication


• 8 weeks of total body strength training

• Train 5 days a week with 2 rest days

• Focus on compound movements for general strength increases

• Variety of modalities used to increase strength and muscular development

• Each session focuses on a specific type of programming

• Benefits include increased power, strength, and overall physical development

• High-intensity training required for maximal results

• Intense programming with proper rest and recovery

• Accumulation of volume across the program to maximize gains

ProductProgram DurationActivities ProvidedCost
Rogue Burgener Strength - 8 Weeks to Get Strong8 WeeksPostural Assessment, Warm-Ups, Barbell Drills, Kettlebell and other Strength Movements, Programming, Technique Drills$49.99
Fit Band Academy Fit Lift Program8 WeeksDynamic Warm Ups, Mobility, Technical Drills, Progressions, Strength Conditioning Exercises, Accessory Training$36.00
BB3 Program12 WeeksCorrective Exercises, Muscle Endurance & Explosive Power, Strength & Movement Building, Mobility & Flexibility$149.99
Freeletics Gym4 Week Challenge78 bodyweight exercises, focused on Strength, Endurance, and Mobility$12.99

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