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C-60B - Cerakote

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C-60B - Cerakote

The Rogue C-60B Bar and Bumper Set is the perfect way to set up a complete weightlifting area for your home or gym. This bumper set features the signature Rogue C-60B barbell along with a complete selection of top-tier rubber bumper plates, giving you the tool you need to complete today's most popular full-body weightlifting workouts. The C-60B Bar is made of high-grade North American steel with a mid-load, 28.5 mm shaft that has a smooth black oxide finish, designed to handle the rigors of everyday training. It also comes with bronze bushings and a less aggressive knurling pattern, perfect for providing a firm yet comfortable grip without being too abrasive. The DB-15 Bumper Plates included here come with competition-level precision and protection. They feature durable, solid-rubber construction with a steel hub, allowing you to use them to their fullest potential without worrying about scuffs and dents. Plus, thanks to their wide range of weight options, you'll be able to find a set for your individual needs. The Rogue C-60B Bar and Bumper Set is a must-have for any avid CrossFitter, athlete, or lifter. With its top-grade components, you'll be sure to get the most out of your training session and make sure your home gym is ready to take on any challenge.

  • C-60B Bar and Bumper 90 Set

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  • Rogue C-60B Bar - Cerakote

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  • C-60B Bar and Bumper 120 Set

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  • C-60B Bar and Bumper Full Set

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Pros & Cons


+ Durable steel Construction

• No maintenance required

• Soft knurl for great grip

• Variety of sizes to fit your needs

• Universal for the majority of Olympic-style lifts


• Expensive compared to other bar sets

• Shorter warranty compared to alternative sets

• Not recommended for high-intensity power lifts

• Plates may slide or spin on the sleeves

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Ideal for home gyms, college programs, and commercial spaces

• Pre-loaded galvanized steel barbells

• High-quality Olympic weight plates for strength training

Should Not Buy:

• Low budget

• Not for powerlifting

• Not suitable for Olympic lifts


• Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

• Finish: Cerakote

• Hardness: RC-25-33

• Wall Thickness: 0.25”

• Weight: 7.5 oz / 212 gr

• Overall Length: 6.25” / 159 mm

• Length (handle excluded): 5.43” / 138 mm

• Maximum Width: 1.37" / 35 mm

• Maximum Thickness: 0.51" / 13 mm

• Cutouts: None

• Locking Mechanism: None

• Pivot System: Ceramic Ball Bearing

• Scales: Grip Grooved

ProductFretsNut WidthFingerboardScale Length
Rogue C-60B - Cerakote221 11/16"Rosewood25.5"
Rogue C-70B - Cerakote221 11/16"Rosewood25.5"
Rogue RLS-1 - Cerakote221 11/16"Rosewood25.5"
Rogue CE-100 - Cerakote221 11/16"Rosewood25.5"
Rogue RA-090 - Cerakote211 11/16"Maple24.75"

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