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Caffeine & Kilos PR Blend Coffee - Ground

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Caffeine & Kilos PR Blend Coffee - Ground

Rogue Caffeine KILOs PR Blend Coffee is the perfect way to enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee while also getting the right mix of energy and performance that you need. Crafted with three highly-coveted African coffees and select Latin American varietals, this blend has a superior flavor that comes with an inviting aroma and a rich full-bodied palate with a hint of sweetness. KILOs PR Blend Coffee contains a unique combination of caffeine and antioxidants that boost performance, increase alertness, and help you power through your day. With just the right blend of arabica and robusta coffees, KILOs PR Blend gives you 25-30mg of caffeine in every cup for long lasting energy and focus. With this blend, you'll experience a full, flavorful cup of coffee without any bitterness or acidity.


Pros & Cons


• High Bioavailability - delivers more caffeine quickly into the bloodstream

• Easily soluble for a smooth flavor that won't be bitter or acidic

• Colombian Arabica Beans sourced from ethical and sustainable sources

• Natural - without any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners

• Low acidity


• May be too strong for some users

• InConsistent weights and sizes of the grounds, leading to a lack of accuracy in measurements

• May contain ingredients that are unsuitable for certain users

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- For those who need a burst of energy throughout the day

- For avid coffee drinkers

- For those looking for a sustainable, health-conscious coffee

Should Not Buy:

- For those who have a sensitivity to caffeine

- For those who don’t enjoy the taste of coffee

- For those who are looking for a cheaper coffee option


- 100% Arabica beans

- Roasted and blended in Orange County, California

- Slow Roast profile: City+, Full City, French Roast

- Notes of Caramel | Chocolate | Nuts

- Beans sourced from Nicaragua & Mexico

- Brix is 17.3

- Water activity is 0.3166

- Medium-dark roast

- Aroma: nutty, roasted

- Flavor & Acidity: balanced, sweet, woodsy

- Body: full with low acidity

- Roast Type: medium-dark

Caffeine & Kilos PR Blend Coffee - GroundDark12 oz$16.95Central America
Mellow Joy CoffeeMedium12 oz$14.95Costa Rica
Pacific Crest Espresso CoffeeDark8 oz$11.95Colombia
MoKha CoffeeMedium12 oz$16.95Thailand
Viennese Coffee BlendLight12 oz$14.95Blend of South & Central America

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