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Charger Harness

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Charger Harness

-s/785.htm The Rogue Charger Harness S is a versatile ergonomic weightlifting support device designed to maximize form and technique during heavy lifts while providing extreme stability and support. The Charger Harness is perfect for those who need constant core and mid-section support while going through movements like rows, squats and presses. The harness consists of 4 total points that wrap around your shoulders, lower back and hips. The belt is made out of 2.5cm of durable 1000 denier Cordura nylon which ensures ultimate durability and long lasting use. It features adjustable shoulder straps that can be altered by three separate height settings to ensure a snug, secure fit. The lower back strap and hip straps are both double stitched and have reinforced padding, providing comfort and support for the lower back and hips. The belt also has a tri-bar stop system that allows for maximum tension in the belt with minimal torque. This unique system allows for a more comfortable and efficient way to maintain and control tension for maximum power and balance. The Charger Harness S can be equipped with several additional accessories to maximize safety and performance. These include a variety of carabiners for quick attachment, resistance bands for dynamic strength training, gravity grips for grip strength training, and weight clips for resistance training. The Charger Harness is a highly recommended product for those looking for a versatile, comfortable, and safe weightlifting product. It offers extreme support and stability while maximizing form and technique improving overall performance.

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Pros & Cons


- Thick and heavy-duty Construction

• Can adjust the length of the harness straps for a more comfortable fit

• Contoured lumbar pad offers extra support

- Constructed with padding and breathable mesh

• Reflective accents for increased visibility in low-light conditions

• Has multiple attachment points for added versatility


• Relatively expensive

• Not machine washable

• Limited color selection

Who Should Buy

• Who Should Buy:

- Individuals looking for a multifunctional exercise harness to help enhance workout intensity, endurance, and form

- Those looking for a more secure and comfortable alternative to lifting straps

- Gym goers and personal trainers who want access to a wide range of exercises

• Who Should Not Buy:

- Individuals that do not like change and prefer the traditional single strap lifting harnesses

- People who only plan to use the harness for certain exercises such as pull-ups or chin-ups only

- Those who are looking for a basic, entry-level lifting harness with minimal features and customization options


• Fits select 1971-1983 Ford and Mercury vehicles

• 21 circuit for use with chassis and Chevrolet engines

• Includes connectors designed for relevant OEM gauges, switches, and Hei

• Includes high-grade braid technology

• Includes detailed instructions for easy installation

Spud Inc Charger HarnessHarnessDeloading weight$125
Rogue Fitness Monster Lite Power SledPower SledSpeed and overload training$170
X Training Equipment Monster Speed SledSpeed SledSpeed and explosive sessions$180
CrossFit Gear Leather Weight SledWeight SledDrag, push, and pull workouts$205

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