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Climbing Ropes

Rogue Climbing Ropes are a great tool for any strength or conditioning enthusiast. Constructed with durable 16-strand braided rope and a blend of polyester and polypropylene yarns, these ropes are designed for both indoor and outdoor climbing. The large diameter of the ropes provides extra support for challenging ascents as well as a secure grip for quickly descending. The ropes feature a reinforced eye-spliced loop on one end, making it easy to attach any carabiner of your choosing. The other end is left unfinished for trimming down to any desired length. The textured surface boosts the user’s grip, giving climbers greater control on the climb. Additionally, the ropes are vinyl dipped for added protection against the weather and wear and tear. The ropes are available in three lengths – 30ft, 40ft, and 50ft – along with multiple colors. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start out or an avid climber in pursuit of the most challenging ropes, Rogue Climbing Ropes provide durable and reliable performance that you can depend on.

  • Climbing Rope - 6' x 1.5"

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  • Climbing Rope - 15' x 1.5"

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  • Climbing Rope - 20' x 1.5"

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  • Climbing Rope - 25' x 1.5"

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  • Climbing Rope - 30' x 1.5"

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Pros & Cons


• Versatile to meet different needs

• Can be used for multiple exercises

• Constructed with durable materials

• Can be used both indoors and outdoors

• Many sizes and colors available

• Affordable


• Not portable

• Can be difficult to install and maintain

• Can be expensive when buying multiple sizes

• Can be heavy and difficult to move around

• Can be difficult to find appropriate attachments

• May take some time to become familiar with knots and safety technique

Who Should Buy

Should consider buying:

-Variety of options for different lengths and thickness

-High quality construction, ensuring long-term durability

-Great for upper body strength and endurance training

Should not consider buying:

-Those on a tight budget

-Those who have no plans to use climbing ropes


-20 ft long

-2.2" diameter

-Heavy duty manila rope

-Heat treated sewn eye splice

-Double braided construction

-Variety of colors available

-5 standard diameters available

-Meets commercial ASTM/CSA specs

-Rated to 5,400 lbs tensile strength

-Indoor and outdoor use

Rogue Climbing RopesSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Rope Diameter11mm11mm10.2mm9.8mm
UIAA Falls Rating88108
Maximum Impact Force (kN)8.8 - 9.28.6 - 9.28.1 - 8.58.8 - 9.2
Recommended UseAll-around useAll-around useIce ClimbingSport
Weight Per Meter (g/m)56-6063-6656-5853-55

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