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Compex Mini Wireless Muscle Stimulator

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Compex Mini Wireless Muscle Stimulator

The Compex Mini Wireless Muscle Stimulator from Rogue Fitness is an advanced body-conditioning device that helps improve performance and reduce the chance of musculoskeletal injuries. Using the device, you can perform a range of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and electrostimulation (ES) workouts to improve both your muscle strength and endurance, as well as reduce the risk of soft tissue and joint injuries. The Compex Mini is small, lightweight and easy to carry, making it suitable for exercising anywhere. It also uses Bluetooth technology to quickly connect to your mobile device, allowing you to control the intensity and duration of each workout. The Compex Mini also comes with 8 different programs that are designed to target different muscles and fitness levels, making it suitable for everyone from the absolute beginner to the elite athlete. The device also uses the patented “Advanced Curve System” to provide a safe and comfortable experience. Using a dual-firmness system, the intensity is adjusted gradually over time to help reduce the risk of muscle soreness and fatigue that can occur during prolonged workouts. Overall, the Compex Mini Wireless Muscle Stimulator is a great device for athletes looking to achieve greater levels of performance, strength and endurance without the risk of injury. Its small size, light weight and portability make it a great choice for those looking for an EMS and ES workout on the go.


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Pros & Cons


• Portable and lightweight design

• Flexible, program-specific exercises can be stored

• Offers 27 preset programs targeting different muscle groups

• Includes six high-quality electrodes for multiple muscle group stimulation

• Multiple strength levels to choose from

• Features an LED display for quickly adjusting intensity

• Rechargeable, long-lasting battery

• Wireless connection eliminates cords

• Intuitive and safe to use


• Many users have experienced a low-end build quality

• Screen resolution is low and can be difficult to read

• Connectivity issues have been reported

• Limited exercises available

• Cost is more expensive than traditional electronic muscle stimulators

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Compact size for easy storage and portability

• Battery operated

• Easy to use

• Can be used for muscle recovery

• Adjustable intensity settings for custom workouts

Should Not Buy:

• Cannot be used for high-intensity workouts

• Limited muscle stimulation options

• Does not work with other equipment

• Expensive compared to other muscle stimulation devices

• Not recommended for serious athletes


• Wireless 3-Channel Muscle Stimulator

• 9 Strength Levels

• 5 Modes (Constant, Ramp, Interval, Alternance, Synchronized)

• 2 Sets of Interchangeable Reusable Electrodes Included

• Customizable Programs

• No Rx Needed

• Continuous Waveform

• Compact and Portable Design

• 10 Hour Battery Life

• Automatically Adjusts Intensity

• 2 Year Warranty

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Wireless and app controlledNMES by Activ5PowerDot 2.0Thync Relax Pro
4 pre-set programs150 targeted exercises3 customizable programsWireless & App-controlled
6 intensity levelsInteractive guidance3 intensity levels4 Modes
8 stimulation channels10 intensity levels8 independent channels10 intensity levels
RechargeableMuscle performance trackingBluetooth syncConnects to App
Battery life up to 8 hoursHome & Gym compatibleUSB charging10-30 minute sessions

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