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Concept 2 Slide - Pair

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Concept 2 Slide - Pair

The Concept 2 Slide Pair from Rogue Fitness is designed to offer a realistic rowing experience. This piece of fitness equipment uses a patented technology to provide resistance which is adjustable depending on the user's strength level and desired workout intensity. The Concept 2 Slide Pair is durable and reliable, with an adjustable slide for a smooth glide action and a maximum load of 500lbs. It is designed to reduce stress on joints, with dual stainless steel rails providing sturdiness and stability. The adjustable footplates are threaded and feature soft soles, while the ergonomic handle allows users to maintain a comfortable grip. This machine also features an adjustable damper, allowing users to set the amount of air resistance they would like to use depending on their fitness goals. With a monitor that tracks heart rate, watt output and speed, users can monitor their performance and progress in real-time. In addition, the LCD console allows users to track their other workout data, such as distance, stroke rate and calories. Overall, the Concept 2 Slide Pair is a great piece of home gym equipment that can be used by those of all fitness levels, from novice to elite. It is designed to provide a realistic rowing experience and offers eight levels of difficulty. This machine is an excellent way to build strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health in the comfort of your own home.


Pros & Cons


• Easy to install and use.

• Provides a great full-body workout.

• Helps improve cardiovascular health and coordination.

• Provides resistance for a wide range of exercises.

• Sturdy and well-made for lasting durability.

• Compatible with most fitness equipment.


• Expensive compared to other exercise equipment.

• May require a large space to set up and use.

• Requires additional weights to increase resistance levels.

• Limited to only one type of exercise.

• No connection to fitness tracking apps.

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

•Convenient and accessible way to get a full-body workout at home

•Compatible with most existing gym equipment

•Ability to customize workouts to person's specific needs

•Highly durable and low-maintenance

•Lightweight and easy to transport

Should Not Buy:

•High price point

•Not good for those with limited space or area to place the slides

•Can only be used indoors

•Not recommended for those with physical limitations or mobility issues


• Ergonomic handle for easy to grip

• Compatible with Concept2 model C, D, and E rows

• Made from extruded Nylon  coated with a low-friction polymer

• Specially designed sprocket on each side of the runner for smooth and quiet sliding

• Includes two sliders and mounting screws

Slide LengthDeck WidthDeck Support

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