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Concept2 Slide - Pair - Used

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Concept2 Slide - Pair - Used

The Concept 2 Slide Pair Used is a popular rowing machine that provides a full-body, low-impact workout. It is designed with a wide range of ergonomics, allowing the user to relax while rowing and making the workout comfortable. The dual tracks provide a gliding motion while the two independent arms each pull one end of the chain, creating a smooth and rhythmic rowing action. The machine is fitted with a chain-driven system that provides serious resistance, similar to rowing on water. It is adjustable to fit any user, making it an ideal piece of equipment for a home gym. This particular pair is used so some of the features and benefits include a lower cost and a three-year limited warranty. As with any used product, it is important to inspect the equipment for quality and safety before beginning use.


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Pros & Cons


• Easy to use and maintain

• Folds up for easy storage

• Adjustable resistance for different user levels

• Low impact on the joints

• Great for cross-training and strength exercises


• May be too tiring for those with weak or untrained muscles

• Requires another person to change the resistance with the handles

• Can be expensive for some users

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Quality and durable materials

• Convenient design and portability

• Can be used to take indoor rowing workouts outside

• Affordable alternative to purchasing a new rowing machine

Should Not Buy:

• If you need a machine specifically designed for outdoor use

• If you need a commercial-grade rowing machine


• Dimensions: 33 cm (L) x 58 cm (W) x 25 cm (H)

• Weight support: 135 kg

• Slide Material: Anodized Aluminum Tubes

• Surface: High density polyethylene waxed boards

• Includes 2 full size sliders, 2 handlebars and mounting hardware

• Slide tracking system for smooth and accurate movement

• Built-in ergonomic design for optimal grip and tracking

• Compact design for easy storage and transportation

ProductWeight Limit (lbs)HeightPrice
Concept Concept2 Slide - Pair - Used35020.9 cm$353.77
N/A4.5 cm$30.00

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