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Core Foam Roller

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Core Foam Roller

The Rogue Core Foam Roller is the perfect addition to any athletic or relaxing routine. This high-quality foam roller is made from semi-firm EVA foam material for optimal support that relieves muscular soreness and boosts flexibility. The 6” diameter and 18” length core roller provides a surface area large enough to accommodate a full range of body sizes. The included removable HDPE centering tube helps focus massage pressure to target tight muscles and/or restricted areas. The lightweight yet durable design of this foam roller makes it ideal for carrying in a bag whether heading to a park to exercise or to the gym. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and a seamless design that eliminates the body molding of traditional foam rollers. The colored choices make it possible to personalize the roller to your style, whilst the reinforced protective rubber caps ensure that the roller is safe and secure. The Rogue Core Foam Roller is perfect for achieving a deep and effective massage, breaking up common muscle knots and increasing circulation, and is a much needed tool for a healthier muscle system. Whether you're an athlete, a gym-goer, a yoga-enthusiast or looking for general relaxation, this foam roller is sure to help you get the best of your fitness routine and recovery.


Pros & Cons


• High density design supports muscle recovery and rehab

• Textured surfaces for better stimulation

• Lightweight and portable

• Multiple sizes available

• Varied surfaces for different levels of massage


• Can be expensive

• Not as effective as professional massage

• Can be too firm for and cause discomfort for sensitive muscles

• May take time to get used to the proper massage technique

• Requires regular cleaning to remove bacteria buildup

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Relieves tension in your muscles

• Improves mobility and flexibility

• Safely goes deeper into the muscle tissue

• Constructed from premium durability materials

• Compact and lightweight

Should Not Buy:

• People with limited space

• People who don't know how to foam roll properly

• People with acute injuries

• People on a strict budget


• Diameter: 6”

• Width: 3”

• Firmness: Medium

• High-density EVA foam material

• Textured surface for muscle activation

• Perfect tool for improving balance, flexibility, and posture

Product NameDensityPrice RangeSize
Trigger Point Core Foam Rollermedium$30 - $5033 x 15 cm
FitCord FIRM Foam Rollerfirm$20 - $3036 x 15 cm
321 STRONG Foam Rollerfirm$40 - $6036 x 14 cm
ProSource High Density Foam Rollerhigh$20 - $3035 x 15 cm

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