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DC Blocks - Double Wide

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DC Blocks - Double Wide

The DC Blocks Double Wide from Rogue Fitness is a pair of robust and stylish slotted weightlifting blocks ideal for all manner of activities, squats, presses, weighted pull-ups and more. A must-have for all gym or home strength training routines, these blocks are a genuine support system and essential piece of equipment - manufactured in the USA with 3x2" 11-gauge steel and plates welded using industrial strength UHMW plastic top caps. Each block features four slots, with space for one or two 25mm plate posts, that let you adjust the height from 3" to 24" in 3" increments - along with accommodating any of your weight plates. The UHMW plastic top caps both secure the plates laterally and protect them from falling out. For additional stability, Rogue have included two separately welded steel feet for the Double Wide dimensions. These can each be adjusted for level, depending on the terrain of your environment, as well as folded down so that the block can be stored away in a compact form. As another aesthetic style touch, textured black powder coating has been used to finish off the blocks. Whether you're a beginner or experienced lifter, the Double Wide DC blocks from Rogue Fitness offer an invaluable strength training aid that is stylish, durable and versatile.

  • DC Blocks Double Wide - Set of 2

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  • DC Blocks Double Wide - Set of 4

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  • DC Blocks Double Wide - Set of 6

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  • DC Blocks Double Wide - Set of 12

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Pros & Cons


• Durable commercial grade Construction

• Can be utilized for many different exercises

• Increased support from the double-wide design

• Expandable with additional add-ons

• High-density foam for comfortable cushioned support


• Price is higher compared to single-wide blocks

• Difficult to store in smaller spaces

• May be too large for some users

• Weight limit is only 300 lbs

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Individuals who strength train regularly and are in need of additional body weight resistance

• Athletes who want to increase their strength, power, agility, and explosiveness

• People who are stretching their budget but want a quality piece of equipment

Who Should Not Buy:

• People who are not physically active

• Those who do not require extra weight resistance for strength training

• Individuals on a tight budget and are looking for an inexpensive piece of equipment


• Input voltage: 250VAC 50/60Hz Max

• Output voltage: 250VAC 50/60Hz Max

• Current Rating: 20A

• Surge Current: 40A

• Relative Humidity (non-condensing): Up to 95%

• Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to +70°C

• Width: Double Wide (DW) – 2 blocks together

• Height: 40mm

• Depth: 75mm

• Weight: 0.5kg

DC Blocks Double WideCompeting Product 1Comparing Product 2Comparing Product 3
Maximum Height6.5 inches8.5 inches6 inches
Maximum Width8 inches10 inches6.5 inches
Maximum Depth4.5 inches5 inches6 inches
Weight Capacity250 lbs300 lbs200 lbs
DurabilityHigh-grade polypropyleneHigh-density polyethyleneHigh-grade polypropylene

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