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DC Blocks - Flat Top

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DC Blocks - Flat Top

-combo The DC Blocks Flat Top Combo from Rogue Fitness is a versatile and durable combo for anyone looking for multi-purpose weight storage and support. The Flat Top combo contains four 2"x2" 1/4" Steel pillars equipped with four adjustable flat-top Universal Supports. The Universal Supports have a patented design which allows them to be adjusted to fit a wide array of barbell sizes and shapes. For example, whether you own Olympic or standard bars, any type of trap bar, or even an axle bar, the Flat Top Combo can accommodate them with adjustable stability and security. Additionally, these supports are topped with a custom-made 12" high-ground rubber strip to ensure your equipment never slips or slides. The pillars of the DC Blocks Flat Top Combo are bolted together with 5/8" hardware, providing a solid and stable base while accommodating a wide range of lifting weights. Each and every component of the Flat Top Combo is finished with a black powder coat finish to ensure the combo not only looks great, but also provides protection against rust and deterioration when exposed to consistently damp environments. The Flat Top Combo also includes a pair of height-adjustable Magna Lock Monster Band Pegs which are both incredibly sturdy and easy to use. These Monster Band Pegs are adjustable up to 8” and attach directly to the 2"x2" columns. The setup of the combo allows for dynamic and engaging exercises from squats to bench press to rows and more. For those look for a dynamic, adjustable and reliable weight storage and support rig, the DC Blocks Flat Top Combo from Rogue Fitness is the perfect solution. It provides the versatility to accommodate almost any barbell size and shape, the security to keep your equipment safe, and the durability to provide years of usage.

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  • DC Blocks Flat Top - Set of 4

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  • DC Blocks Flat Top - Set of 6

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Pros & Cons


-Made with solid steel Construction.

• Compact design fits into standard gyms.

• Highly durable for long-term use.

• Easy to transport.

• Can be used for various bodyweight exercises.

• Multi-height adjustment options available.


• Expensive compared to other bodyweight blocks.

• Debugging process can be tedious.

• Not suitable for Olympic lifts or heavier weightlifting.

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking for an affordable and durable substitute to wooden blocks

• CrossFitters in need of a versatile gym staple

• Athletes looking for an easily portable piece of equipment

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those looking for a single, highly specialized tool

• Gym owners who frequently need to move and set up equipment

• Those on a low budget who cannot afford the initial purchase cost


• Voltage Range: Up to 500V

• Current (DC only): Minimum 5A to 20A

• Temperature Range: -40F to + 150F

• Insulation Voltage: 1000V

• Insulation Resistance: > 10000M Ohms

• Dielectric Strength: 2000V by factory specification

• Features: UL 94V-0 Flame Retardant UL Recognized RoHS Compliant Re-Usable

• RoHS: Compliant

• Rated Short Circuit Current: 20A

• Connectors: 4.5mm Flat Top / Female

• Mounting Hole Diameter: M4

FeatureDC Blocks - Flat TopProduct 1Product 2Product 3Product 4
Dimensions (L x W x H)23 in x 23 in x 4 in22 in x 22 in x 4.5 in25 in x 25 in x 4 in24 in x 24 in x 4.5 in25 in x 25 in x 5 in
Weight70 lbs72 lbs60 lbs64 lbs70 lbs
MaterialRotomolded PlasticPolyurethane FoamPlasticPolyurethane FoamPlastics
Shock Resistance (Drop Test)5 feet5.5 feet6 feet5.5 feet6 feet
Maximum Capacity (LB)400 lbs500 lbs400 lbs430 lbs450 lbs

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